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  1. I like how you're listening to sexual healing by marvin gaye

  2. Haven't watched your vids in forever, but this was adorable. ( plus kinda dope )

  3. remember missed a free bishop on 25. 
    it's only defended once because of the mate threat on g8. I can't believe that was missed.

  4. Raising glass for you… LOL…

  5. At 3:57. That could be a good chess puzzle problem. Find the best move for white

  6. Hutch was fucked up at the end of the stream. Good stuff haha

  7. All these comments about "Oh he had a mate, any 1800 player should be able to see it" are stupid. Any combination of circumstances could've led to the 1800 player missing anything. Just because you have a high rating, does not mean you are capable of seeing every possible mate in chess at every possible opportunity.

    An 1800 player is still human and can still make mistakes.

  8. I remember when I used to watched hutch playing in a pro level ,now is just sad to watched ,back to search for a good channel to watch

  9. No more chess video??? 3 weeks now im cheking every day.. and nothing..

  10. IU have never seen Hutch so happy XD

  11. new to your chess videos and i was thinking this was intense. hows it going to end? … o wait nvm you told me already. gg tho

  12. is hutch puffin on nicotine or is that sweet sweet marry jane

  13. perhaps fritz should use his voice and comments for next Fritz software. especially the last line

  14. Wow watching hutch playing chess got me back into playing it and have now gone from a rusty player of 1100 rating to a Wooping 1560 rating on and am still getting higher and higher. So just wanted to say thanks to him for getting me back into it

  15. Congrats, although it was a stupid blunder from him and he hardly put pressure on black at all. Gg nonetheless and well defended by Hutch.

  16. thank you hutch for thiss great video. it really made me laugh.

  17. strong game.  not very easy to find those moves at the end (Be4, Qg3#) when turnt lol

  18. I played chess stoned as fuck the other day and actually managed a great winning streak. everything went better than expected. I still play better sober

  19. Holy fuck hutch you're absolutely wasted in this video. never seen you like this before

  20. hey nice videos hutch. What book would you recommend for a beginner like myself??

  21. hey nice videos hutch. What book would you recommend for a beginner like myself??

  22. I miss your chess videos, why did you stop hutch?

  23. Everyone go to chess dot com and VOTE FOR HUTCH for favorite chess streamer.

  24. i want play with you. against you. may be i can learn you somethink. search me as karmak.

  25. This is a fun video. Just pointing this out, but you missed Qxc4 after he first checked you with his bishop.

  26. seriously not impressed with the fact that you stopped streaming chess… just play more chess please hutch!

  27. I found one of ur destiny videos and subbed. Just Unsubbed because you do drugs.

  28. When are we getting another drunk stream? 🙂

  29. Why did Hutch stop streaming chess? The chess videos were so cool.

  30. you saw the knight sacrifice tactic, but missed the free bishop a couple moves later? XD @2:30

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