MATCH OF THE YEAR!!! Magnus Carlsen Vs Hikaru Nakamura | Finals World Blitz Chess Championship 2019

MATCH OF THE YEAR!!! Magnus Carlsen Vs Hikaru Nakamura | Finals World Blitz Chess Championship 2019
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  1. Magnus is vegetarian and still sucks hen's husband

  2. Magnus and Hikaru ist the perfect example of a friendship rivaly

  3. İ am a beginner, could u tell me why they quit before finishing?

  4. 0:52 Don't know why, but, I enjoy watching this scene: csmera static zoom in slowly while people moving around at the background and one person in its own world.

  5. Chess tournaments and classical music concerts feature the most annoying coughing.

  6. Weird how they always just get up and walk away like stuff u. lol

  7. Sentí nervios al ver este par de monstruos. Confieso que le hice fuerza a Nakamura pero ni modo.

  8. How was the first game a draw? After they trade rooks, black can prompt a pawn

  9. The speed of the hand and brain making decisive move is incredible

  10. Gotta love the people who won't shut the hell up.

    Main character syndrome is real.

  11. Time is just one factor… But it is a factor …. D Knight invasion was a strike of genius… 🥂

  12. Dang didn’t realize how quiet chess tournaments are respectful audience

  13. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    The ONLY match of 2019 was Wesley's 13.5-2.5 and 4-0 victory over Magnus.

    World blitz 2019 is tainted by Magnus' CHEATING against Alireza.

  14. Magnus seemed to be a little wired from a lot of caffeine or lack of sleep or something.

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  16. that horse move to the center and GMHikaru retreats after he was trying to attack with its horse… and then the Queens dance… how it developed into a double horse wall later it was impressive… I could ear Hikaru thoughts in that moment… WHAT!!?? LoL!!

  17. The Great Immortal of Illustrious Sagacity says:

    7:51 was a false move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. As entertaining as these blitz games are, this is NOT how these, and all other chess players would play in a traditional/classical game.

  19. couldn't black win the first game? after W rook takes B rook and B king takes W rook, the B pawn would be still defendable and would reach promotion.

  20. Couldn't help but notice the girl following Carlsen everywhere

  21. Why is the clock plugged into the board, anybody know?

  22. At the almost 13 minute mark, was that a draw? Chess moron here who knows absolutely nothing about chess…

  23. Amazing match but the alien whispers from hell sound crazy

  24. Why is this a draw? Magnus had one more pawn that he could have promoted to queen

  25. How in the world is the first game ended by draw ? Magnus was wining

  26. а кто выиграл первую партию ?они признали ничью?

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