Magnus vs Hikaru: The Speed Chess Championship Final for $20K! | SCC 2022

The biggest SCC match in YEARS is here with five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen taking on four-time Speed Chess champion Hikaru Nakamura in the 2022 SCC Championship Match! Since Carlsen won the inaugural 2017 edition, Nakamura has claimed the last four! Who will become the Speed Chess Champion this year?

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  1. To people being mad that Hikaru was stalling, time advantage is literally part of the game. If the second to last game Magnus had been more strategic to resign a couple seconds earlier, he would've had enough time for one more chance at the end. He bet on himself and took a rare L. Just enjoy the game and wait for their future matchups.

  2. Wow, what a great final! And Magnus being all smiles, appreciating a good competitive game in the post match interview – is a cherry on top!

  3. I love that they have a close match it would be cool if they continued, but it was a very intense battle between both

  4. He was running the clock that’s unsportsmanlike-🤓

  5. The world championship match we all wanted to see!

  6. Hikaru is awsome. Great Guy. Congrats. Magnus speak for himself. Doh!

  7. Naroditsky with superlative vocabulary; I appreciate that! Danya is the goat of chess commentary.

    Wow! That is great: Naka and Magnus are just great champions! I am a fan of both.

  8. "150K people watching on Twitch and YouTube". So basically 1K on Twitch and 149K on YouTube 😂

  9. cheers to the casters for their top quality commenting of the match

  10. Hikaru is the best! Well played Carlsen as well, it was a very close match. Sorry to not be able to watch the match as it started at 12:30am according to the time zone of where I live.

  11. Hikaru and Carlsen truly are Messi and Ronaldo of Chess. Mad respect.

  12. Why does everything say this match is supposed to start at 8p Sunday but yet it's already over and it's 7p sunday

  13. If Magnus had only resigned earlier in his lost positions he would have had a shot in that last game. Danya and Hess kept telling him to, turns out they were right.

  14. Wow I can’t believe some of these games man so crazy

  15. Magnus is human as well. That Is what I leart today.

  16. 44:33 'now both players can breathe a sigh of relief…'
    Both players: 🤔🤔

  17. What a match. Thanks for the amazing coverage. Unbelievable. It shows so much class from Magnus showing up after the game, and not a bad word. Just showing the love for the game and his opponent, making this match possible❤

  18. It means magnus and sarin match would have been interesting too if happened then…. 😇😇

  19. Its good to see magnus being beaten. We all know magnus always dominates the tournament. Thats why its so nice to see a new winner.

  20. When there's 50 sec left on match clock, Hikaru had 48 sec left.

    When there's 49 sec left on match clock, Hikaru had 48 sec left.

    When there's 48 sec left on match clock, Hikaru had 48 sec left.

    When there's 47 sec left on match clock, Hikaru had 48 sec left.

    When there's 46 sec left on match clock, Hikaru had 48 sec left.

    And thats when Hikaru made the last move and next move MATE was forced.

    Unbelievable match similar to Andrea vs Dina.

  21. No one can complain about Hikaru stalling, people can shockingly use time to their advantage in the frikin speed chess championship

  22. Hikaru = Messi = Curry; Magnus = Ronaldo = LeBron

  23. Ah disgusting how Hikaru let his time run out in the end. Messi won and Hikaru won today, how sad. It’s like hell broke lose and the demons remain victorious. Hopefully both of them will face their karma and life and be struck down like the holocaust

  24. the anal beads makes them both look uncomfortable 😬

  25. This match was as exciting as the FIFA world cup final.
    Always a delight to watch Magnus and Hikaru play.

  26. Lol graphic has the magnus-hikaru scores reversed

  27. I love both Magnus and Hikaru😭♥️

  28. Hikaru finally got his revenge, he never beat Magnus in an online match. .

  29. Hikaru says he is a streamer now and that he only cares about content and his fans….. bullshit…. He ran the clock to win. He did it for himself. If he cared so much about the fans enjoyment he could have celebrated his victory for 20 seconds and then at the last second resign and played the last game. That would have been epic and everybody would have respected him for it. He also could have won cleanly with just a draw. I tell you all just like Walter White « He did it for himself »….

  30. for a while, i thought magnus was gonna pull it off after coming back from down 4. what a finish.

  31. Poor sportsmanship by Hikaru. Magnus is still GOAT.

  32. Why do people complain about Hikaru running the clock. It's like many other sports. You can run the clock in soccer, American football, basketball, boxing, everything. No one bats an eye because that is a valid tactic. Use the clock to your advantage, and Hikaru did just that.

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