Magnus vs Hikaru: The Speed Chess Championship Final for $20K! | SCC 2022

The biggest SCC match in YEARS is here with five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen taking on four-time Speed Chess champion Hikaru Nakamura in the 2022 SCC Championship Match! Since Carlsen won the inaugural 2017 edition, Nakamura has claimed the last four! Who will become the Speed Chess Champion this year?

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  1. Sun and moon of modern chess era ❤️❤️❤️ equally loving both from india

  2. 4:03:45 ikaru checking his heartbeat lol I bet it was 170 plus and his blood pressure in the 160s lol 😂

  3. its interesting that Nakamura is known for being prob the best at fast chess, but magnus won both the 3+1 and the 1+1. I think they are the undisputed number 1 and number 2.

  4. Magnus should've used the "Hikaru And GothamChess Tell You To MOVE" extension

  5. Excellent work, commentators! I believe this is the first time I can reasonably follow the action in a game like this. Really impressive is the ability to make even average chess players or beginners feel comfortable with such complex games. I would quickly become lost if there was no commentary. It is also incredibly entertaining to watch because of their enthusiasm and genuine interest in the game. Many thanks for doing this!

  6. I like the sneaky 14.5 to Magnus on the results board…someone can’t quite believe it

  7. I keep noticing Hikaru looking at his second monitor? all the time… take a look, why is he looking at a second monitor?

  8. 4:02:43 Can someone explain to me why the commentators are so agitated here? All I see is each of the participants have around a minute left to play this game at this point. What am I missing?

  9. Why Hikaru is always looking at the ceilings any ideas to that?


  11. But how do we know they don't have an extra screen to follow instructions of what the pc would do? 😉

  12. Hikaru like true american chess player. . .

  13. i would love if the commentators wouldnt interupt the board so much with the possible moves 😀

  14. Lets go Hikaru GOAT. No Disrespect to Magnus tho.

  15. Damnnn i never knew Hikaru played about 30k games n Magnus played 1k😭

  16. magnus is better at 3+1 and bullet, whereas hikaru pretty much dominated in 5+1

  17. I wonder if Magnus can see Hikaru's expression at 3:13:00 when c4 threatened a queen trade.

  18. Anyone who knows the track starting from 2:56:27 ?It wuld be much appreciated if someone can help me find it.Thanks in advance

  19. The Magnus fans were coping so hard in the chat Jesus Christ 😭

  20. how is it a thing to bleed it out, lame concept,, just play to win wtf….

  21. Best commentators. I felt like both players are playing inside an octagon.

  22. Hikaru is the Vegeta of chess and Magnus is Goku. Vegeta became a Super Saiyan by not caring anymore.

  23. Magnus: puts hoodie on because its cold
    Announcer: He wants to be the grim reaperr!!!!

  24. hikaru = sasuke
    magnus = naruto

    hikaru = hikaru
    magnus = akira..

  25. 1:55:50
    This is Basic Brian?
    No dude. It’s mate in 10.
    The commentary bias though..

  26. “This isn’t Amongus, yo have to play chess!” – Robert Hess

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