Magnus vs. Hikaru! CRAZY Norway Chess Blitz Match

During The Blitz portion of Norway Chess this week Magnus Carlsen decided to sacrifice 30 seconds to Hikaru Nakamura and then in a wild turn of events still pull of a victory!

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  1. Hikaru going streamer first, Magnus relinquishing the World Championship title. Both players playing for the love for the game ❤.

  2. Not to be that guy, but I actually enjoy Magnus frustrating Hikaru. I say that being fans of both, but it's just so darn funny.

  3. The four best chess player of all time
    1. Magnus Carlsen
    2. Drunk Magnus Carlsen
    3. Sleeping Magnus Carlsen
    4. Late Magnus Carlsen

  4. can someone explain why guys are late for matches? especially magnus?

  5. Win or lose in the end Magnus always tidy up the board, what a gentleman

  6. Incredibly lame that these players are still trying the whole "late to the game" show off, it's old, was cool when it happened accidentally and they actually pretend it was an accidental when they clearly could have arrived on time

  7. This is evidence that Magnus is the best chess player ever.

  8. Is just me getting annoyed at the camera changes, trying to follow the game?

  9. A tilted Hikaru getting crashed is always delicious.

  10. Magnus just trying to demonstrate that the timers in Blitz are way to long 😆

  11. "what kind of power move is that?" its not a power move, it's autism

  12. I don’t dispute Magnus dominance in blitz, I am just curious to know why he doesn’t show it on “Title Tuesdays” as much?

  13. PROOF high school students need sleep beard equals win test

  14. what checkmate does david keeps mentioning about that magnus missed o_0

  15. The professional went streamer vs The guy who made him go streaming 😂

  16. A man who eternally arrives late is the most undisciplined lot.

  17. hated the cometary on this, guess they were just hikaru fans for some reason lmao

  18. Who are the commentators? Show it in the text below the video. The reason why I'm curious, because one sounds like Pia Cramling. 🙂

  19. Magnus comes late, adjusts the knight on g8 twice before starting the game, only to move it to f6 the next move 😂

  20. Bro Magnus’ smirk at the end is so fucking funny. He was almost taunting Hikaru.

  21. Time and time again Magnus has proven his endgame wizardry.

  22. getting bored of Chess Magnus
    wanna see more of Poker Magnus

  23. Why are they talking like they are better then magnus or hikaru? Hahah

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