Magnus v Wesley | Can Former 960 Champ Upset World #1? | Speed Chess Championship 2023 SF !coinbase

The 2023 Speed Chess Championship presented by Coinbase is the strongest online speed chess event in the world! Watch five-time champ Hikaru Nakamura take on a field including Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Gukesh D, and world champion Ding Liren, for their share of the $150,000 prize fund!

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  1. Imagine having a 90% accuracy and only winning 2 games. wow

  2. Imagine playing at 90% accuracy but still being absolutely destroyed

  3. Wesley is a phenomenal, extremely principled, and solid player; the score here should not take any of those things away from him. There's no question he could pose a legitimate threat to Carlsen on a much better day of his.

  4. Wesley is not weak. Magnus is simply just the boss. He's too far from the league of the other super GMs

  5. Man I freaking love the pun game with daniel and Danny

  6. I thought Magnus destroyed Nepo(which is correct)
    But here,
    Magnus just did it on a whole new level.

  7. Huge Wesley fan still! Magnus and Hikaru are just next level at speed chess.

  8. Whew ! Saved from that adoption by the skin of your teeth Wesley!! Imagine playing not for the win, but just not get adopted at this level? Ouch 🤕!

  9. I still can't understand why some Hans Moke fans saying Hans Moke is better than this final boss.

  10. Проезался бульдозером по Сошке😅

  11. Again not a sad moment for Weasley because goat was needed to stop him. Congrats.

  12. Magnus is in a different league, that is, above Super GMs . The GOAT

  13. We are lucky that a certain Hikaru N exists. Otherwise these competitions would be a joke.

  14. Ahh yes the main character side quest arc

  15. Still thinking out those people who kept saying that Wesley will destroy Magnus 😂😂

  16. wesley's 960 win still hurting the boss

  17. PLEASE can we have danya and aman/robert for the finals i cant stand dannys commentary im sorry

  18. poem:
    So Carlsten took him into woods, started chopping

    So helped to make a nice stack and lit the fire
    So helped to push the cart as they went shopping
    sos wheels went off "yo whats poppin"
    With the King they fed everyone, distributed unto the poor, its empire

  19. the fact that wesley had 90% accuracy and still lost by 15 pts difference is just crazy , shows you how magnus is just on another level

  20. Hikaru likes to milk the clock like an absolute melt so ofc he will win

  21. You know Magnus is in top form when he actually says he was happy with his play in the post-game interview.I hope we see this accuracy and speed in the final vs Hikaru. It'll make for a great match.

  22. I'm definitely a fan of Wesley So. It's really very very hard to be part of two tournaments at once, but he held his ground against Magnus.

    Magnus is just in his top form, Wesley with his intense accuracy tried all his best to fight back.

    But he's just that great this time. Anyways, this is not the last time they will face together, Wesley will be back with a win.

  23. "This is really what people don’t always understand about facing Magnus which I have the honor of doing in blitz so many times. You start out with ‘So excited I get to play Magnus. I'm gonna bring my A game’. A couple of games and you’re questioning the meaning of life and you’re asking existential questions about ‘Why you started this match; How is it that you loosing every game while making reasonable moves; and How is this possible’. And then you come to the conclusion that Magnus isn't human. That is the path that you always end up making" – GM Daniel Naroditsky (1:07:54).

  24. Maggy please play at the WCC, you got to take the 6th and become the goat

  25. Well, Hikaru is favourite in BCC, but this format is different. I doubt if Hikaru can pull this off

  26. Start watching this video on México, then Luisiana , hopefully ending the video on Canadá

  27. Congratz to Magnus! And about Wesley – He will always bounce back.

  28. Crazy Danny: "Wesley is the number one 3 minute player in the world"

    Your bot got a spanking Danny. You can be the richest chess entrepeneur on the planet.
    But leave the play to Magnus!


  29. Wesley: yay I finally won a game

    Magnus: and I took that SO personally.

  30. Another insult to injury… Because of these lopsided games magnus' opponents aren't even taking home much money because of winshare percentage.

  31. The Play Magnus app has the Magnometter in terms of evaluating position

  32. although theres a huge gap in score, 90% average accuracy in 30 games including blitz and bullet is insane bro

  33. 4:33:50 Magnus is just *majestic*, the answer he gave and the smile afterwars… i mean what can you say? He's the golden knight of chess… the best swordsmen, the Barristan Selmy of chess, the ultimate warrior, only in his very Very VERY worse days he loses, and in his best days nobody can remotely get close to him… i've said it many time but it's a true honor witnessing this champion doing his magic in the present time, they can give Kasparov and Fisher all the credit they want but in my heart Magnus is and fover will be the GOAT!

    Can wait for the final tomorrow!

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