Magnus v. MVL | World Blitz Champion Versus World Chess Champion For FINALS Seat! | SCC 2022

It’s time for the Speed Chess Championship semifinals! The 2022 SCC features five-time World Champion Magnus Carlsen, four-time SCC winner Hikaru Nakamura and the world’s top players. Since Carlsen won the inaugural 2017 edition, Nakamura has claimed the last four!

The field will play for a total prize fund of $100,000 and the world’s most prestigious online speed chess title.

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  1. Magnus is going to make Hikaru cry like a little girl

  2. This final game is Not a juicer for Nakamura.

  3. The title should be:: Horny man f$_ks blitz champion. . Magnus destroyed MVL

  4. World Champion vs World Champion
    What a match up for finals??, 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Does anyone recall Magnus playing these openings that he played today in recent history? I don’t. Yet he still won on a bad day. We won’t see these openings in the final. Good luck Hikaru. Good luck.

  6. Magnus vs Hikaru is gonna be dope as fuck

  7. We wanted 2nd best rivalry Ronaldo vs messi but we got the best

  8. By bowing out, does this mean MVL gets a larger portion of the payout than had he continued to play and lose

  9. Magnus has had tougher opponents than Naka(except maybe Semifinal, but MVL is tougher than Nihal given his past record) and has obliterated everyone. Naka better be caring this time😂

  10. These morons doing analysis and we miss the actual game.

  11. Astounding to watch! We should all feel privileged and thankful that magus continues to play chess!!

  12. Hikaru playing a3 h3 against magnus will be fun

  13. How often does a GM RESIGNS and not continue? the embarrassment stays, but probably less pain.

  14. Really Sunday at 1pm est is literally the worst time they could have the championship match

  15. 3:56:20 obv. he literally doesn‘t care, he‘s going up against a streamer after all

  16. Well Played MVL, best performer against Carlsen in this tournament so far

  17. I can beat him don't believe me? Come play with me once

  18. Really sad, we can't see Magnus Blundersen Anymore

  19. magnus carlsen will be the champion…no doubt about it

  20. Date of final? Someone can help me! Thanks

  21. Magnus is cheating, you don't win two 2700+ and 2800 in a row with such wide score…

  22. Only a solid player like anish could come close to magnus in this format

  23. just looking at the numbers for both hikaru and Magnus from the beginning all the way to the finals gives u a hint of who's going to win

  24. Damn, I’ve been on YouTube before YouTube was a thing. Been following you all for years now and happy for all your success. Crazy how chess just blew up in recent years. Sure we had internet chess but I’m talking about mainstream popularity. Till this day I’m still referring my students to you all to learn more about this amazing game. I hope to one day work for a company where I truly enjoy the essence of it. If you all see this, I have a M.Ed., am in the education field, and feel that I can contribute to you all tremendously.

  25. Naroditsky is on cocaine, his face is a way too funny, sorry

  26. Magnus plays like an engine with lopsided scores against Gukesh, Caruana, & MVL

  27. Magnus doesn't care about the clock because once he's past the opening he's already played the whole game out in his head and seems to just KNOW.

  28. Great games; and great commentary, worthy of world class players.

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