Magnus SHOCKED by my move

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  1. The Gambit Botez online for all the world seeing

  2. Bet u magnus proved that game and premoving stopped bc she made that move

  3. Yet another perfect execution of the botez gambit.

  4. I love scruffy hair Magnus. He went from being super serious chess competitor to fun chess streamer

  5. He had 20 second left so you probably could have just made random moves

  6. Magnus got lucky she resigned first since the Botez Gambit is unstoppable.

  7. “i guess woman just aren’t as smart haha”

    -Bobby Fischer

  8. She wanted to know how does the knight move😂

  9. Her: “what’s the worst that could happen” me: “He takes your queen”

  10. You have to know this!
    Here's the move it starts with.
    They don't know– they just see this!
    Slide the queen and bait it,
    They're gonna take it.
    Big mistake, resign now,
    You can't save it!
    Take the piece and check 'em,
    If they offer the queen, let 'em.
    Set it up again if you get 'em,
    And let 'em know who sent it!
    You know…the Bobby Bo Show?
    Do you follow?
    Reload it, and stay focused…'cause–

  11. It's amazing how this channel grown to a million subs. I subscribe to this channel when it was only 37k+ and now this channel is one of the most successful chess channels on youtube. GJ to Botez sisters! ☺

  12. Love how the title after that is
    "How i beat Magnus Carlsen"

  13. "Botez gambit" ladies and gentlemen!

  14. I dont understand, she got the queen, not the king…. Like them both!

  15. …what's the worst that could happen? Ahahahaha 🤣

  16. The title threw me off what I thought was going to happen 💀.

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