Magnus SACRIFICES 25 SECONDS on Move 1 vs Hikaru in a BLITZ Game | 2023 Norway Chess Blitz

Magnus Carlsen faces Hikaru Nakamura in the 2023 Norway Chess Blitz Tournament.


  1. Goddamn, never laughed so hard about a thumbnail 🤣

  2. congrats magnus and become FIDE chess world cup

  3. To me, Magnus created the tourniquet strategy

  4. Hikaru was feeling like he was a paid actor lol

  5. There will never be another Magnus, this is almost beyond human comprehension.

  6. Magnus looked like a cave monster thar came out of the woods to play chess.BTW: If Magnus is reading this: I'm challenging Magnus to an online game where the loser must press his tongue against the toilet seat of his own toilet. Only the tip of the tongue will be enough but must be shown on video. The winner will then pay 2500$ to the loser.

  7. the power move is not adjusting the pieces, any good player adjusts his pieces. the power move is arriving late, and therefore forces magnus to adjust pieces while on time.

  8. That smile in the end was something else 😅

  9. love both these players
    love the look on magnus' face at the end of the game
    love the disrepect champion getting disrespected
    all around great game

  10. magnus looks like some sort of dude in a cabin in the woods


  12. Not bad for a streamer tho… And Hikaru did well too

  13. I would beat both of em how do I prove it ? ? Both just experienced

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