Magnus SACRIFICES 25 SECONDS on Move 1 vs Hikaru in a BLITZ Game | 2023 Norway Chess Blitz

Magnus Carlsen faces Hikaru Nakamura in the 2023 Norway Chess Blitz Tournament.


  1. I'm convinced Magnus decided that chess has been more or less been fully explored and has been playing poker to practice winning by playing with the minds of his opponents.

  2. That knight was so useless even Judith laughed at it. And Magnus still found the way to use it – sac the knight and to sneak with his king into white camp, kill all pawns there.

    King is pretty good fighting piece in endgame.
    I am sure Hikaru cursed deep inside himself : "Why did I let that damn king with 2 connected passers to Kf3 ? How the hell did it happen ? I had winning position, very good position ! This is some sorcery, black Viking magic, humans dont play like that …!"

  3. We once had a Svidler, now we have Magnus "Swindler" Carlsen.

  4. Why is this game a lost for Hikaru? I see a draw in the end. Can someone explain pls?

  5. Chess videos came a long way. This camera move to the players perspective for last 20 seconds of the game was fantastic. There are emotion, feeling of tense, time is ticking! Perfect covarage of a very nice game!

  6. GM Howell (move 6) with Carlsen 2:15 on the clock, "forfeiting several minutes on the clock".

    This is why I'm not a pro player, I didn't know forty-five seconds is "minutes".


  7. He literally doesn’t care he’s a streamer not a chess player 😂

  8. MAGNUS IS BACK !!!!! 💪💪💪💪💪

  9. Why is live chess coverage always so bad? Usually in classical, they manage to lose the thread by using the main large board for analysis and are way down some line which never happened when the moves actually start happening, barely visible in the bottom right. Here they decide to switch the live board away from central focus to give us an over the board view for the final few seconds and thus ruin the enjoyment of the finale, whilst trying to stare into the corner of the screen!

    Just leave the live board where it is please…

  10. Magnus just dominates Hikaru on-board it's not even close.

  11. So is this channel actually owned by magnus?

  12. at 8:33 wasnt it a checkmate if hikaru moves rook to g 3?

  13. The way Magnus ensures the Pawn promotion at the end is just amazing. If Hikaru wouldn't have resigned at that point Magnus would have simply pushed his pawn and promoted it into a Queen while the white Rook on the same file wouldn't have been able to do anything about it because the black Rook is now checking the white King which either has to move or to be protected first. Those were absolute amazing power moves!

  14. This games prove that hes just unstopable

  15. Judit: "I Decided I want to put my energy and invest it in other things…"
    Magnus: Yeah like poker XD

  16. Magnus's end game skills are just on another planet.

  17. Some people think a Queen sacrifice is the craziest sacrifice. Magnus invented the Time sacrifice

  18. ラムネの入り方には、ばらつきがあります。 says:


  19. I don't like the audio quality of the headsets, but very impressive game!

  20. Magnus obliterated Hikaru.
    What a humilation.

  21. Advanced congratulations on reaching 1M subscribers, Magnus!🐐🐐🐐

  22. Hikaru instantly looks at the roof to remember the game ☠️☠️

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  24. Victorious “Big Engine” Willisorius says:

    why did you adjust hikaru head to be so large and arm so thin?

  25. Hikaru thought of himself as a chess god, then Magnus put him in his place. He "retired" and nursed his ego with 200 ELO fanbase, came back to competitive chess full of himself…only to receive another beatdown from the person he wishes to be. The cycle never ends.

  26. just shows you the gap between little hikaru and magnus still lmao

  27. In retrospect Hikaru is no match for Magnus….

  28. This is how Magnus gets his fun! Master of loads of fun

  29. Ugh… Great game but terrible video editing!

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