the champ teaches the kid a lesson while recounting the positions he’s played before and the mistakes he’s made.

Incredible book to learn how to CRUSH people like Magnus:


  1. This mans talks as if he is a high level chess player or a “good” chess player. Not the world champion and arguably the best of all time. Crazy

  2. It’s strange he doesn’t get the fame that Kasparov Karpov and Fischer got 🤔

  3. you know he is a machine when he continues to calculate lines even after the resignation.

  4. so do not play theory with world champion or GM,,
    Beacuse they know better then you😁

  5. Hans proved in the US Championship he can go toe to toe, head to head with the top players in the world.

    Magnus was defeated by his own fears, that's very embarrassing, how does the great 'goat' Magnus even explain that?

    Nakamura was gleefully slinging shit when that was fun, Nakamura is like wrestling a pig, you both are covered in shit, but he loves it!

  6. Wait, at what point did he say ‘this is why I’m world champion’ ?

  7. When do you do the laundry, because your clothes line is always besides the sofa…

  8. An international master with a rating of 1532? Peculiar, to say the least. Or maybe it is a new account?

  9. magnus is such a cry baby even with no real proof he managed to end up a carreer just by crying i lost the respect for him i hope he lose the sue

  10. 100% Genius = Magnus Carlsen! Beautiful Analysis, this is Gold!

  11. why didnt the king take the knight at the end? instead of moving the queen

  12. He's also the champion at blundering his way into completely unnecessary lawsuits. Nice work genius.

  13. This is like the Contract gunman arriving at their pre selected site. Quick scope of the area.
    Lays case on ground and opens revealing multi piece shooter with several scopes
    Optimal rounds are selected and target arrives into hot zone.
    All current readings are verified and green light signals engage.
    Target / threat / eliminated. Task performed beyond acceptable. Very clean finish.

  14. The bishop on g3 is what youre looking for that you cant see

  15. Can anyone tell me why black didn't take the knight with the g7 bishop? Wouldn't that have resulted in Magnus then taking with the knight, which would give black a chance to get out of that discovered attack? I'm low Elo so almost certainly missing something, just not sure what.

  16. When he takes on F7 at 4:22, and says "and, here this is carnage", why can't he take that knight with the king?

  17. Anyone with any sense knows that the only reason Magnus is WC is because of his memory.

    Nobody can ever dispute the fact that Hikaru has, does and always will feel like Phil Mickelson.

  18. this guy is so talented , if he keep on chess he can actually do something good

  19. Well he can remove game from 2006
    What can we expect

  20. By 1:55, you can see the other person getting suffocated already ..

  21. love that "I didnt consider that move but I think D4 must be strong". Thats why he is a legend

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