Magnus, Nodirbek, Duda & 300+ Players Battle It Out | FIDE World Rapid Championship 2023 Rds 1-5

World chess no. 1 Magnus Carlsen is back to defend his rapid and blitz world championship titles, taking on the likes of Fabiano Caruana and Ian Nepomniachtchi. Follow the $1 million event in Samarkand, Uzbekistan: Open:

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  1. Stupid board updates
    Is the staff high or something?

  2. Unfortunately, having the best commentators does not garantee excelence, as the technical drawbacks of the organization (delayed updating of the games) spoiled the coverage. I agree with most of audience complains.

  3. I mean was this channel created yesterday?
    Unwatchable 👎

  4. Magnus is the only name anyone heard of on this tournament

  5. Why are Fabi, Nakamura and Alireza not playing

  6. What a terrible stream, boards freezing, incorrect switches, like come on..

  7. Good commentators. Live camera is a waste of time. Good luck doing live remote commentary and keeping everything secure and in sync lmao.. Put it on a delay and get it all synced up. Whataclusterfuck. Come on Fide === big money low quality?

  8. Love the commentators but the feed and Internet problems ruined day one.

  9. I love Peter Leko…he is the most interesting and entertaining commentator…but pleaseeeeee🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 ..somedody tell him about the sequence of tenses😭😭

  10. I’ve never seen such bad technical issues in a world rapid and blitz broadcast before. This is crazy.

  11. You are dealing very well with the buffering streaming situation, compliments gentleman’s!

  12. I I hope tomorrow is better technology wise😢

  13. Who cares about seeing over the board play camera's! We just want to see a online board as if they are playing online.

    When our they gonna get it into their thick heads, we dont give f**k about camera angles.


  14. Great job Peter and Danya! You both and David Howell are my favorite chess commentators.

  15. Mr beadman only 2 points, no vibration no points.

  16. Nothing escapes analysis when Daniel and Leko are paired.

  17. Shamefully poor technical issues for the whole televised period. How Peter and Daniel got through this, I’ll never know. Just PAINFUL….

  18. Danya, look up the pronunciation of Scheveningen. Hint: it's Dutch, not German!

  19. This broadcast has been awful. It’s almost unwatchable. Too bad. If chess is to grow, they’ll have to equal the quality of other pro sports.

  20. Such a boring commentary… Almost unwatchable. Please get better and more interesting people to present the game.

    Also the technical aspect needs to be improved.
    I watch almost every chess tournament/stream. But this stream was hard to watch.

  21. The commentary team is so boring and monotone. The commentary team should be aimed for casual viewers. This team maybe quite knowledgeable but they did not explain/comment for casual viewers. Just watch the chess champians tour commentary and you will see massive difference. I might not watch the rest of the days.

  22. I just found out there is another coverage for this tournament. Thank god. Bye.

  23. UNBELIEVABLE HOW INCREDIBLY BAD THE TECHNICAL COVERAGE IS NOWADAYS!! Havent seen a single fluid coverage in years. Always the same issues. Weak

  24. great music used for the stream. Can anyone please provide the titles of music used…?

  25. Terrible terrible board updates and hence coverage… what a shame

  26. Two of my favorite commentators. Too bad bad the technical problems make this unwatchable.

  27. Tashkent, Samarkhand, Bokhara are well worth a visit. And I want to return to see Nukus and the Aral Sea!

  28. For Christ sake – please show the Live-Boards

  29. Amazing music does anyone know the title or the name of the music.

  30. why board updates are abysmal? can only feel sorry for commentators

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