Magnus is RUNNING LATE to World Blitz Game

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  1. Magnus' brain is so heavy it's hard to carry

  2. Он специально постоянно опаздывает что ль

  3. а это не тот который в жопе передатчик прячет )))

  4. Где он взял такие штаны? Откуда он в них бежит? 😃😃😃

  5. слишком часто сучёнок опаздывает, звезда недобитая

  6. Я бы подождал не начиная партию.

  7. Magnus is the typical friend who is always late.

  8. audiovizuális fordítási szolgáltatás says:

    How much u wanna attention?
    Magnus: Yes

  9. Такоц чудаковатый

  10. It seems to me that if Elon Musk played chess in competitions, then he behaved that way.
    Magnus seems to be always in his own parallel world.

  11. Don't care who it is, it's disrespectful to do this. I see a lot of these with different players and what not. They should get fined or something. Idk. But some type of punishment. Every blue moon is understandable. This is your job, show up on time. Be respectful to your opponent and the game of chess.

  12. Нет, ну красавчик ведь. Просто супер, как ни в чём небывало. Да ещё и выиграл. 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  13. Everybody is a hero till the Uzbeks come in😎🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  14. Ya know what….magnus's non chalant attitude especially at the end with the weak handshake, no eye contact kind of a disrespectful shakeout is garbage…doesn't deserve the praise

  15. Empty seat means im gonna beat magnus starts game lol wtf i still lost time to retire lols

  16. This is what happens when you forgot to charge your anal beads last night !

  17. We have a saying in Asia, if you dont want to be physical, just play chess.
    Chess are for pussies.

  18. Why is nobody talking about how he wasted time so it would be fair

  19. You didn't even show how he spent in 27 secs fixing the pieces and his opponent was watching him 😅

  20. зазвездился мальчик 😂😂

  21. what is the time on the clock when magnus wins?

  22. Oh why didn't magnus set his all pieces in position?

  23. I expected Magnus to arrange his pieces and then start 🤣

  24. It's as if like it's a side game or just a side for magnus and his goal is something else

  25. Hes lucky that the world blitz has increment

  26. Its new normal for him, may be it might become a trend across the chess world toppers, because if you come early maybe people think you are not a great player.

  27. He run to the mach and Gus win he just los his time

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