Magnus, Hikaru, Duda, MVL and Chess’ Elite Battle in The World Rapid Championship Tournament | Day 1

Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura, the two biggest stars in chess are among the participants at the 2022 World Rapid & Blitz Championships! Join us for an elite over-the-board event featuring the best speed chess players in the world as they to compete to become world champions! Also playing will be Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Anish Giri, and reigning blitz world champion, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave!

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  1. How many times did Trent say "massive" in this video?

  2. I would prefer to watch GGM + david or danny + hess two of the best commentary duos.

  3. It would be great to have timestamps for this six hour video

  4. what's with all the full-screen logo animations. obvious to use it to indicate a transition, yet afterward, invariably nothing has changed – it's just an interruption. more dumb amateurish production…

  5. NOT A FAN OF THE FORMAT!When commentators are commenting on the main game and then disappear to another game and come back 5/10 moves later and they should show the missing moves!🤬Also when showing a game, when all the games are over, at least show the full game from the beginning!I know it's not impossible to show all the moves from all games you show, but at least show all the moves from the main couple or three games you mainly analyse.Nice to see the opening and how they got in that winning position, more complete games👍

  6. This is a game of wills. Yall commented throughout the entire match man.

  7. Tabatabei was very good, I hope we can see more talenteds here!

  8. Still can't display a Russian flag…. lol

  9. Trent is only good in a commentary trio to add an extra spice to the commentary.
    On a commentary duo in a serious tournament he is not worth listening, especially when there is no Jan Gustafsson alongside him

  10. I feel like Trent was sour about getting beaten by the other chessbrah. Left the Magnus vs Eric game just as it was getting interesting and didn’t come back until it was over?? Wtf!

  11. Seriously, guys, so disappointed with this coverage.

  12. The commentators need to make their board plays off to the side and leave the live board large in the center, we came to watch the real games not you.

  13. Nepomniachtchi (Непомнящий in 🇷🇺 ) – actually means "Unremembered – (deriving from verb "непомнить") or "One who doesn't remember, – a forgetful man" as adjectif. Just for funny fact, as I always thought about it to mention. But I always did forget to write it down in comments for no russian speaking. 😅 But it seems that Ian remembers pretty well his stuff.

  14. Need Judit doing the commentary, rather than a couple of boobs she could beat simultaneously! 🙄

  15. Do your calculations on the small board and keep the large board live!

  16. Give Lawrence a break, he was recently TKOed by Aman chessbrah

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