Magnus Destroys 3100+ rated opponent while Dancing

Magnus Carlsen Streams Titled Tuesday
Magnus Carlsen vs GM
online Blitz Match, chess game, online chess
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Video created by: Filmora10
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  1. I mustve missed it somewhere, anybody know song playing?

  2. "You Won by resignation" … *Me having no idea why the hell black resigned also thinks black is winning at that state *

  3. NOTE: Sitting in a chair, bobbing your head, is NOT dancing.

  4. Magnus is an Elon M of chess. No other like them in their environments

  5. I swear I can't get into Canadian music sounds way to European club trance.

  6. This was against MVL. You should put that in the title.

  7. When you beat the final level and you're just doing side quests

  8. I mean you cannot top this when it comes to the nerd department.
    Chess, sunglasses, edm and orange juice in mason jars.

  9. ngl this is cringey as hell. Botez sister wearing the sponsored cap is a fail, curating/censoring the audio is a fail, sunglasses are a fail, dancing and music are a fail, and Andrea and douchey guy behind Magnus are just a fail in general

  10. Botez Sisters humping Magnus's leg – just cringe!

  11. It looks like Magnus and the girls ate or inhaled something very tasty!!!😂🤣😅

  12. what a time to be alive, watching the best chess player to probably ever live, chilling, smashing super gm's, listening to Techno…. <3

  13. Me hangs queen its blunder
    Magnus hangs a queen man he is upto something

  14. Guarantee that he has banged at least one of the Botez sisters, if not both.

  15. I'm new to the chess community, can someone explain who magnus is? Is he like the Michael Jordan of chess? Best player in the US or the whole world?

  16. I would like to be Magnus although I deep fried some moments of my matter. I can totally rel8 to the music though. He is the OG! He reminds me of David Hasselhoff mixed with Kollektiv Turmstrasse and Judge Dredd.

  17. :57 time. This is what passes for 3100+ that series of moves… really…

    hmm. knight moves in front of black pawn triangle, then trick or treat on queen bishop trading for nothing…

    Instead, dumps pawn and rook. Blind idiot?

  18. This guy is really good….he should participate big events…..

  19. When you realize GM LyonBeast is none other than MVL☠

  20. Chess was very easy with magnus thats your game i will tell created chess to thing any game to magnus 😂😂😂

  21. the caption is horseshit…the rating is 9000+….you mistakenly mentioned 3100

  22. hahahha the chess speaks for itself comments in the chat hahahahaha

  23. lol "bringing the knight back that's how you know he's a grandmaster" she's totally making fun of Maurice Ashley

  24. MVL got greedy with that pawn grab. Rc2+ wasn't as big a threat as it looked like with magnus's rook on the a file instead of the h.

  25. He definitely smashed those two pretty ladies

  26. bro pulled 2 beauty chicks too .. he is winning everywhere

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