Magnus Carlsen’s Endgame vs. Hikaru Nakamura’s Speed

The greatest speed chess players in history play each other in World Blitz Championship! Join @Daniel Naroditsky for this episode featuring @GMHikaru and @Magnus Carlsen playing a Scotch Game in 2014!

Check out the game:

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  1. I barely understand chess but i do watch videos to try to understand it better and understand why people do what they do. This commentary is brilliant and it really does help to keep chess interesting and also educational for myself. Great job.

  2. I’m here cuz of Ronaldo & Messi picture! 🤷🏾‍♂️🖖🏾

  3. 2:41 This gave me… 'I took a chip…. AND ATE IT' vibes from Death Note

  4. I want to learn chess. I am a complete beginner. Don’t even know what the pieces are called besides king and queen lol. How should I start learning? Appreciate any advice!

  5. What a game! Is pretty amazing what these guys can do

  6. Je débute aux échecs, quelqu’un m’explique pourquoi il y a égalité ?

  7. commentary had me more excited than watching any others sport's finals

  8. a draw…………..I'm getting my hand ready

  9. the real chess engine is sounding the comments the legend daniel aka danya

  10. I am not a national English speaker but i understood every word Daniel said. Great work from him

  11. what am i watching and listening to here? :)))

  12. im a noob, can someone explain why magnus' time is going up instead of lowering ?

  13. You put that little effort into your thumbnail? Come on!!

  14. Newbie to following competitive chess… Can anyone explain the rules on how time gets added back to their clocks? Thanks

  15. Daniel you sound like tenebrous for some reason

  16. I just started to learn chess. And I watched but I don’t know which won this game. Someone tell me.

  17. Across all sports that was some of the greatest commentary I've ever heard.

  18. I was just thinking "these are the longest seconds I've ever experienced" before realizing it adds time after each move.

  19. 9:39 I'm really confused as to why Magnus did not move his king 2 to d4 instead and taken his pawn forward slowly. It seems like a definite win for Magnus if he'd done that. Correct me if I'm wrong somebody?

  20. check out the playlist, there's no playlist

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