Magnus Carlsen’s biggest rival | Duda vs Carlsen | World Blitz 2023

Jan Krzysztof Duda has been a tough nut to crack for Magnus Carlsen in the past. They met once again in the critical round of World Blitz 2023. Would Magnus be able to outwit his opponent or would Duda get the better of the best player on the planet. Check out the game with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. They have one thing in common, they all resign😂

  2. That's why he fixes the pieces before the game lol

  3. everyone knows how magnus plays, its automatic to expect him to win. but i was really impressed with duda. It was so beautiful to see his play at the end. making a magnus the machine work to full extent is quite an achievement that few can do. i was really entertained by this play.

  4. Duda has beaten magnus only in 2021 world cup and people think he beats him consistently Check their h2h record

  5. halo India…. im from indonesia

  6. Sagar will give a heart attack to the viewers through his commentary

  7. bro, seriously it's 2024 and you still posting world blitz 2023 🤣

  8. Best commentary in chess, peace from Germany

  9. Chess comes alive with Sagar's play by play! between chess tournaments Sagar could be the commentator for soccer, horse racing, or any other sport!

  10. Wow…duda was insane…he made magnus try till the very last for his win…amazing 😮

  11. What a fantastic performance by Duda under such time pressure for most of the game. Unfortunately he lost it at the end.

  12. Magnus vs Duda jaise streak tera toda

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