Magnus Carlsen Vs Vladimir Kramnik | Blitz Chess Tal Memorial 2012

Magnus Carlsen Vs Vladimir Kramnik | Blitz Chess Tal Memorial 2012


  1. Magnus tidak pake blokade sayap raja… keren

  2. kramnik could have at least a draw maybe even win if he played Ne6 and Nc7 at 8:40 , this tactic wasn't so hard to spot for a player of his caliber

  3. 1:15 М.Карлсен спрашивает: "А где же звук?"
    M.Carlsen asks: where is the sound?

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  5. Why the white horse not step to c3 in minute 9:12 and it step to f6.

  6. People in the audience seem to come from a horror picture… OMG

  7. In chess every time you have to wait your opponent who has higher rating than you?

  8. 1:17 Чё вы уставились все? Вам тут цирк что ли?!😆

  9. je suis amateur mais pourquoi tour blanche ne se met pas en C8/échec, puis prend pion en C2 ?

  10. Most Powerfull Hanshake in he Chess History Ever

  11. Крамник голова 🤦‍♂️ пожертвовал слона , у меня чуть мозги не расплавились 😅, но Магнус хитёр , как он вытащил короля .

  12. 9:14 porque no hizo el doble a torre y rey con el caballo las blancas ?⁹

  13. La cámara debe tener un soporte especial con altura y ángulo adecuado para tener una buena visión del tablero

  14. Carlsen was messing around and then decided to PLAY towards the end of the game.

  15. at the end why can't kramnik just do rc8 pinning the king and the pawn with a check, then rc2 taking the pawn?

  16. i still dont understand why magnus didnt go for check mate on 7:46 when his is queen can take Roc and it was game over


  18. Nunca entiendo quien gana o si fue Tablas lpm!!!!

  19. 9.19 the horse checks and the rook falls.

  20. The way Kramnik ran away lol, such a sore loser

  21. VC is not a big player, bcz he didn't see to check Nc3 and take R.

  22. best handshake ive seen in a long time

  23. There was another video on this match that had a very nice music in it.

  24. But how did this game end because I can't see checkmate

  25. Hi, Any Idea or link about the chess board its looking great..

  26. I wish i love to see kramnik playing chess with more stress , just to see how strong he is…. ha ! ha !

  27. 9:06 didnt kramnik hace the opportunity to take the rook by putting Carlsens king at risk?

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