Magnus Carlsen vs Praggnanandhaa | Classy Italian | Superbet Rapid 2024

Magnus Carlsen was pitted against Praggnanandhaa in the 7th round of the Superbet Rapid 2024. Through this game analysis by IM Sagar Shah you will learn how to play for small advantages in equalish positions and how to keep your calm and nerves under stress! It’s the battle of two of the finest players in the world of chess!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. How does Duda and Keymer get 2 points for 1 game? At the end of the video

  2. Sometimes it made me confused to watch this video with commentary and suggested moves, you don't even know what was player actual move or how the game was played!😅

  3. who won did magnus or gukesh won a few days back

  4. Your commentary is quite annoying…🤢

  5. bring back those old style with players playing live at the background alongwith a chessboard, that shows a lot about players, their thoughts individually/

  6. No news about Nihal Sarin except for Kramnik controversy. Any idea what's happening?

  7. Hey Sagar bayla..

    Teri biwi bahot bakwas karti he yar.. usko please mat de tu commentary ka responsibility

  8. Please bring the old analysis please

  9. Came here after watching DON Shah analysis. Completely different personalities. Btw we want more DON Shah analysis

  10. So prag basically adopted Magnus.

  11. Magnus opens up with one e 4
    Pragg response with two e5

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