Magnus Carlsen vs GM Unknown (3163) | Blitz chess 3+0 | | 24/11/22

Blitz chess 3+0
GM MagnusCarlsen vs GM WiniVidiVici (3163)
Game Played on 24/11/22 ( )

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  1. Alireza, Wesley, or Ian. Pretty much one of the 3

  2. Somebody much smarter than me, help !e understand why he didn't take the bishop at around 23:00 ?

  3. Alguien sabe quien es el GM que le ganó a Magnus?

  4. Nakia was playing someone else at the time so this has to be AliReza. No one else is capable of beating Magnus in 3|0.

  5. Markus Ragger, Richard Rapport, Nepo? or someone who never got chance to go at the world champ or fide high ranks

  6. very strange stuff here. Who the hell is this? Only Naka, Artemiev or Alireza could do this

  7. its austrian flag, strongest player there is markus ragger. elo peak 2702.

  8. To Chess GG, thank you for continuing to upload these games from Magnus:)

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