Magnus Carlsen vs GM Nihal Sarin | Blitz Match 3+0 | ChessCom | June 8 2023

Blitz Matchup on
GM MagnusCarlsen vs GM NihalSarin | | 08/06/23

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  1. How many games magnus wins , how many games nihal wins??

  2. at least sarin won some games and not a shot out

  3. Continue your job man. You deserve much more credit and views.
    I promise in few monthes i will donate for you.
    I just need to change my work 😆
    Thx for the all

  4. Amazing how easy Magnus makes it look, especially after watching nihal go up 4-0 on Hikaru just today.

  5. 😂Nihal will soon set at the pinnacle of chess!

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