Magnus Carlsen vs Alireza Firouzja | Full Game | Watch until the end | World Rapid 2021

The game between Magnus Carlsen and Alireza Firouzja was the much anticipated clash of the World Rapid 2021. Magnus arrived 40 seconds late to the game. Was it psychology or was genuinely late to the game? Was this time deficit going to affect him? Alireza played the fighting Caro Kann! Check out the video to find out who came out on top!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. He acts like he has never played Caro Kann before.

  2. I need someone to dumb it down for me to understand chess

  3. Hi, I'm a beginner, so I want to know what you guys all think about this:
    the right guy, couldn't he take his bishop (D6), and bring it to G3 and then take the king at 09:09 ? Looking forward to an answer 🙂

  4. I was over it when Alireza didn’t take that F4 pawn. He was too buy guarding the king and queen that most of his pawns were useless lol.

  5. I'm new at chess so I dont know much. How did Carlsen win? Did he even check? Did the other person give up? I dont understand

  6. Ever kenetic nazka lines faster..Check ✅Noted IBartanica🚫 Nothing.Notice

  7. I am a legend. Tell me who won? 🤣

  8. Can anyone explain why he gave up. I dont really get that..

  9. i played chess and i won as the white today

  10. World « Rapid » 2021, yes that must be that…

  11. I wish there was a way to CAT scan Magnus's brain for the first 3 moves. He's taking FOREVER. It's surreal. He's late, calmly takes off his mask, adjusts all the pieces, drinks water, stares off into the middle distance…why not pull out a hangnail too? You almost expect him to lean back, shut the eyes, loll the head to one side and snore! His brain is not like our brains. He's gone cosmic — hooked up through ethereal tendrils to the thoughts of the universe, Winning at chess has become like breathing…in your sleep.

  12. 8:37 Black Pawn to F4
    White Pawn to F4
    Black Bishop to F4
    Check and Black Bishop to C1

  13. Could someone explain to me why in 8:39 black doesn’t take the pawn in g4 and follows up with the bishop?

  14. Unfortunately I can’t appreciate how good this game was because I don’t understand the strategy of Chess very much

  15. That other guy was scared that’s why he lost when you’re playing a grandmaster such as Carlson you must be very aggressive and deliberate with your moves he was afraid of losing and he lost

  16. You are playing well but correct your position

  17. I don’t understand why the timer keeps Going please explain

  18. im a bit out of the loop with everything .. but why is everyone so tense

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