Magnus Carlsen vs Alireza Firouzja | Full Game | Watch until the end | World Rapid 2021

The game between Magnus Carlsen and Alireza Firouzja was the much anticipated clash of the World Rapid 2021. Magnus arrived 40 seconds late to the game. Was it psychology or was genuinely late to the game? Was this time deficit going to affect him? Alireza played the fighting Caro Kann! Check out the video to find out who came out on top!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Was i the only one who thought carlson fell asleep 😅
    He literally took 2 mins for the move and was so absent

  2. Dude showed up late. chess grand masters are a strange lot

  3. I didn't know electroboom was a chess referee as well lol

  4. Why not improve Deep Blue AI computer chess gamer by creating millions of Deep Blue AI computer chess games to play/train with each other using quantum computing to improve the pattern recognition, and harvest profitable new intel on new game plays that are not in the digital and organic "chess book", to improve human players to win competitions to max profits and charity donations for orphans?

  5. I’m newbie to chess can someone explain to me what happens at 3:45 they both swap the king and rook over

  6. Just amazing game! I still find it hard to see the abstract moves of Magnus, but when I think carefully, I see how amazing his moves are!

  7. It would be a forced mate later, now I understood why Ali resigned

  8. Chess masters competition without Russian master or masters is just like competing in long distance running without Ethiopian and Kenyan runners.

  9. He was playing chess before he even walked through the door with the late arrival

  10. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16 from the Bible 💕💕

  11. Wtf are you cutting pieces of footage

  12. 0:26 No manners. Should have stood up a little to show respect his worthy opponent. Kids nowadays know nothing about respect.

  13. Is that Sicilian defense at the first move?

  14. Where can I buy a NFT from this game ? Either the moves list or a picture of the final position?

  15. Who won the game and how sorry i didnt understand

  16. 555555555555 Thousand thank yous to your butt

  17. As for Magnus coming late, possibly for reasons of psychology, maybe it is time to change the rules: if you are late, you forfeit. That will knock that crap right out.

  18. ridan behet alireza, aberoomuno bordi mardak

  19. Magnus was playing chess before the game even started.

  20. what dont come after me but who won??💀i replayed so many times i didn't understand how he won

  21. The masks are so stupid and represent slavery

  22. His prepped so deep to be able to weaken e5 like that. scary

  23. 40 seconds late? I get upset at work when I'm waiting an hour for the next shift to show up. God bless only 40 seconds

  24. I’m new to chess, can someone explain how the end works ? I know the game is over when the king is checked. Was that the case here ? Looked like he still could have made some moves

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