Magnus Carlsen vs 2333 rated IM | World Blitz 2022

Magnus Carlsen was up against IM Mukhiddin Madaminov in the 18th round of World Blitz Championships 2022. How was a 2333 rated player playing on the top board at such an advanced stage of the tournament? Well, turns out that the 2006 born Uzbek player is an excellent blitz specialist and had beaten players like Mamedyarov, Yu Yangyi and many others in the event. Check out the game to see how this young talent fares against the greatest player on the planet. It’s Carlsen vs Madaminov from the World Blitz 2022 along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 9:28 i love how he uses german jargon: "seems like he is in Zugzwang"

  2. This lad has awaken the stockfish inside Magnus

  3. Your commentary make me feel like I am watching football game

  4. The commentator sounds like the scammer I just hung up on

  5. Baap baap hota h😂😂 do chaar move chalne ke baad ghur rha tha magnus ko 😂😂

  6. Magnus’ magic is his endgame wins. Whole textbooks could be written on his technique for squeezing out wins in seemingly even endgames

  7. Man your commentating just turn a usual chess game into a final world champion game lol

  8. That's an efficient management by Carlsen.

  9. What is with this commentary pleas don’t do it everyone here knows about chess. You’re ruining what would’ve been a great video.

  10. Ke6 is a big blunder for black that shows a big leap in evaluation bar for white. Superb end game from the world champ.

  11. His commentry is like a cricket commentary. Both are legend here

  12. In my very dreams I won some games, it never happened actually. Unlucky in games, happiness in love occur

  13. End games are nightmare when you know your opponent is higher rated than you.

  14. In this time. Don't ever ever underestimate the low elow power.

  15. Muhiddin we really proud of you 🙏✊

  16. Magnus Carlsen the time is under pressure to him .Magnus mind is. Set back, Relax and play and thats how he do it

  17. Well done with the commentary , sounds like a formula 1 racing between M Schumaker and Aryton Senna…..

  18. I would never bet against Magnus but pretty cool

  19. Норвежский биоробот белыми против шпротного мастера.

  20. In a bishop endgame the first thing you do is fix pawns on the opposite color of the bishop. You bishop can traverse the board pretty quickly, the pawns cannot.

  21. Sagar you are sun and all stars in chess commentary.

  22. Magnus great World master Iits really difficult beat him he is the only 1 world master

  23. Why does Madaminov keep staring at Magnus at the beginning of the game? Look at the board not your opponent..

  24. The way Magnus just walks away as if he just murdered a man 😂😂

  25. No human should ever feel bad about loosing to Carlsen, its law of nature.

  26. End game is where the rubber meets the road then you see what they actually have

  27. Could someone explain wtf the clock is doing? It always counted backwards for Magnus in the last 10 seconds. Why?

  28. The IM deserves huge respect, what an amazing performance

  29. he prepared and came for beginning and middle 😀

  30. Match should be draw ..but he mistake to lose this game.

  31. c'mon..this guy is really sneaky ah…in the beginning you where at 2333, then suddenly shift when world champ seen winning.. anyway i've known lots of you.. only few are straight.😊

  32. 10:59 wow looks just like my 600 rated bullet opponents… lol 🤣

  33. That was not a TOUGH win for Mangnus.
    He 100% knew that he is going to win this.

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