Magnus Carlsen takes on Africa no.1 Bassem Amin | World Blitz 2021 | Commentary by Sagar

Africa no.1 Bassem Amin took on World no.1 Magnus Carlsen at the World Blitz 2021. The game is very exciting because Magnus chooses an offbeat variation against the Sicilian Rossolimo and then manages to put his opponent under tremendous pressure. Amin is equally up to the challenge and plays excellently to equalize. But in the late endgame Magnus Carlsen weaves his magic! Don’t miss out on this beautiful encounter with IM Sagar Shah doing the commentary.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Saw seein lion and a snake

    Africa push hi ke dolls

  2. We don't need explanation. We can understand the game. You are just causing stress. Stop explaining. Soooo annoying

  3. Magnus Carlsen takes on Africa no.1 Bassem Amin | World Blitz 2021 | Commentary by Sagar… ¿Cual es la traducciona al español?

  4. I love when the announcer goes “Oh my Gawd!” I scroll this his videos trying to find it

  5. Balancing chess and medicine is not a small deal😮

  6. Kindly watch closely or with 0.50 speed … how magnus takes the white pawn with his black on D3 when it was on D4 ? 5:20 5:26

  7. Plz Bhai English na Bolo Saray Accent ki Mah bhn krdi😢

  8. There's was no check in the end, so how would he won, I didn't get it.

  9. I am going to analyze this game and post in a video, and post it back to my YouTube channel.

  10. The commentator is amazing. He should be hired to do these on a professional level.

  11. I don’t get chess yet, but how did Magnus win?

  12. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Bassem Amin is also the only medical doctor who is a superGM (in the 2700+ sense).

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