Magnus Carlsen takes on 3000+ rated on GM Tsydypov | Commentary by Sagar

Magnus Carlsen is undisputedly the best in the world of chess. His opponent in this game GM Zhamsaran Tsydypov has a rating of 3000+ on in blitz. This shows in ample measure that he is a fine blitz player, in fact an expert. How does Magnus Carlsen deal with him in the game? Does he manage to beat him or get his hands burnt. Check out the game along with some instructive commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I wonder if the Commentary guy is a SUPER GRAND MASTER . 😂

  2. "game has transposed into some kind of weird sicilian"….actually it's the Larsen Opening. 🙂

  3. I love the Indian accent 🙂 I don’t know why but it always sounds so lyrical and pleasant

  4. Come on
    The chinese guy did nothing

    Was so scared

  5. 0:13 – "You can see there's a naughty little look on Magnus's face 'that I'm gonna enjoy this game' " 😂 Dude literally looks like he has a headache and wants to go to sleep. Very good commentary otherwise.

  6. Magnus fighting a Mongolian Empire descendant.

  7. Rating is just a number anyone can beat anyone

  8. Blitz chess makes me nervous because it just seems like if they’re too close they’ll just run out of time.

  9. Who is the commentator? He has very good understanding and great explanations. One of the best commentators in my opinion

  10. Does the commentary have a computer for analysis??

  11. I am so bad at chess, I still don't know how black looses. Can someone explain it

  12. They could have put my man’s in the green name or something in the description 😂

  13. Why after they finish they re arrange the pieces in that specific way leaving a piece outside of the board and two pieces in the center?

  14. First time a commentary guesses right most of the time. And can explain it.

  15. I will never understand why they use the timer instead of playing until the end…

  16. Magnus always looks so bored. Seems like he was meant for something more than this world.

  17. Great work on the commentary keep bringing that energy and clarity!!!

  18. Maybe the best chess commentary I’ve ever heard! Well done!

  19. Why dont they put the clock on the other side, they're BOTH hitting with the wrong hands

  20. Kasparov is watching with a camera in his hand. What a surprise

  21. Taking 3k+ rated player out of theory is not a joke. What a level magnus plays at is beyond technical understanding. It's just a form of art.

  22. Good lord, that can’t keep up w the commentary. I’m sure he’s accurate w everything he’s saying but I just can’t think that fast. It just gave me anxiety lol

  23. An average commenter commenting on magnus’ and tsydypov’s game… with mostly wrong predictions. makes me laugh

  24. Magnus is now taking his talent to the Poker stage 🤣

  25. Commentary without messing with the board position is so much better. Very professional and doesn't take away from the actual game being played.

  26. Commentator is great! I'm not good at chess, so someone has to tell me these things. xD

  27. At first I thought this was a live commentary and was pretty impressed. Still a good video imo (I'm a 1200 noob)

  28. It makes me wonder with your knowledge, what’s your ranking? Very insightful! I wish you success!

  29. Possibly the most irritating commentary I’ve ever heard😳

  30. Just love this commentary. What a brilliant accent, too.

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