Magnus Carlsen takes on 3000+ rated on GM Tsydypov | Commentary by Sagar

Magnus Carlsen is undisputedly the best in the world of chess. His opponent in this game GM Zhamsaran Tsydypov has a rating of 3000+ on in blitz. This shows in ample measure that he is a fine blitz player, in fact an expert. How does Magnus Carlsen deal with him in the game? Does he manage to beat him or get his hands burnt. Check out the game along with some instructive commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 😂😂 Hikaru judging everyone's game at the end, wouldn't have it end any other way lol.

  2. I love the commentary. It talked about the ideas involved so at least I could understand the motivations behind the moves. lot of top level commentators just throw tons of lines that are not as useful for players of most levels.

  3. Commentary: Magnus opponent rating 3000, which is very high rating
    Hikaru: They suck .Let's just go with h5, h4 or may be a5 with Na6

  4. I like the commentator. Best one I've heard.

  5. Can someone teach me chess to the moderate level:⁠-⁠)

  6. Young man was doing good against Master Magnus 👏

  7. Please share game details of pgn of the game in description

  8. Sagar's commentry is why i see these videos 😌♥️

  9. The only opponent that Magnus now needs is Stockfish 15 😅

  10. Love the commentary – chessbase india has been producing some great content as of late. On some videos however they neglect to put the 2D board on the video for some reason, which I find lazy, but this is an example of a great video. Thanks again.

  11. 8:43 Hikaru patrols the venue. In his mind, "… that's just gg.. Ya gg"

  12. Magnus sometimes makes chess look easy.

  13. This is the best video commentary which gives a lot of new ideas while watching and this is simply awesome by Sagar sir 👍

  14. Adding 3000+ chesscom rating on the title like Magnus doesn't eat 3000s for breakfast😭😭

  15. Sugar Bhai your commentary is extraordinary. I enjoyed it inasmuch as I enjoyed Magnus's magic.

  16. Did Garry start a new career as a camera man?

  17. Something that i don't understand: 7:57 why Tsydypov doesn't take Horse with Horse? Is the game rigged?

  18. 3000+ playing like a 2000 rating system needs an overhaul because we have too many players rated way too high. I guess it won't happen because giving out titles just makes chess more money.

  19. As Magnus gently pressed the clock, the way Tsydypov knocked the clock, he himself could sense that his end was near.There is a lot of pressure in chess.

  20. Great video. Feedback: it'd be nice if the virtual board updated a little faster…it feels like there's an unnecessary delay between them.

  21. We want to see him against Strong program. Not blitz but full time game.

  22. Commentary explaining and building the tension,fntastic.I love sagars chess book recommendations.Ive bought them all!

  23. Incredible to watch Magnus and other top tier, elite players arrange their pieces at the end of a match, and then you have Niemann refusing to arrange his pieces every time he loses

  24. magnus won the game when Tsydypov exchange the queens after knight d3 black must answer rook d8 to mantain the control of center

  25. Big shout out to the commentator. Good work, that man!

  26. Savage Magnus: so…are you 3000 elo online? show me what you got

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