Magnus Carlsen Stunned By Aryan Tari In Blitz Chess

Magnus Carlsen faces off against fellow Norwegian Countryman Aryan Tari during the Blitz portion of Norway Chess 2023, and what a game it was!

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  1. I’ve never seen chess game that takes a lot of time for opening like this

  2. I want Danya to narrate my life, it would be many times better.

  3. Oh Magnus lost? Must be because Aryan CHEATED!!! That's the only way Magnus could ever lose a game, according to Magnus himself.

  4. aHR0cDovLzk3My1laHQtbmFtdWgtOTczLmNvbS8 says:

    Magnus is King 4ever

  5. We all know Magnus was only at 5% power.

  6. Us chess fans simply want to see Magnus win every game with absolute destruction, is it that too much to ask?

  7. It’s demeaning to call ari Norwegian, not just to Norwegians but to ari himself. This dishonesty about western ethnicity due to the nature of modern nations has to stop.

  8. This video wouldn't be as good as it is without Danya, his enthusiasm makes chess a hundred times more enjoyable to watch.

  9. we all know he was using 3% of his brain power

  10. “Gorging on another pawn is Magnus” 😂❤

  11. Please tone down the commentary . Its not football .

  12. Excellent commentating!

    I like how Magnus smiles as he shakes Aryan's hand at the end.

    The greatest competitors enjoy great competition.

    Thanks again Daniel. I look forward to a lifetime of your chess commentary.

  13. Is one of those ⏰ clocks moving faster than the other?

  14. Which is the best (Experience & Young star)
    a)Magnus & Pragg
    b)Hikaru & Arjun Erigaisi
    c)Fabi & Abdusattoro
    d)Ding & Gukesh
    e)Nepo & Alireza

  15. This narration of a BLITZ game was EXCELLENT! Instructive and exciting. 🔥💥

  16. At 8:37, could magnus have taken bishop with knight?
    also I would like to have my primary account unbanned again. Banning me for pointing out that your elo analysis algo is not good is beyond petty.

  17. I feel like Magnus is slowly getting worse at chess.

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