Magnus Carlsen STREAMS Late Titled Tuesday Blitz January 03 2023

Magnus’ stream:

Run Stockfish on this beast:

Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess player who has been dominating the game for over a decade. He became a grandmaster at the age of 13, the second youngest in history at the time, and quickly established himself as a rising star in the world of chess. In 2013, Carlsen won the World Chess Championship and has since defended his title multiple times, solidifying his position as one of the greatest players of all time.

Carlsen is known for his exceptional skill in the fast-paced bullet chess format, where he regularly defeats other top players in high-pressure matches. He has been compared to legendary chess players such as Garry Kasparov and Bobby Fischer for his strategic abilities and quick-thinking, earning him the respect and admiration of his peers. His greatest speed chess rival is American player Hikaru Nakamura, against whom he has had many intense battles.

In addition to his impressive track record in competitive chess, Carlsen is also known for his willingness to take on challenges outside of the traditional chess world. He has played chess against artificial intelligence and has even competed in the World Blitz and Rapid Championships, where he won multiple gold medals; he is the current World Champion in Classical, Rapid and Blitz. With his natural talent and dedication to the game, Carlsen continues to be a dominant force in the world of chess and a true legend in the sport.


  1. Awesome that you uploaded it.

  2. My daughter wrote a song, "My Lovely Queen". She is Magnus's age, but wrote it at age 16 in response to a relationship and sung it at a coffee shop. It's the GOAT of chess songs. Still is.
    A simple masterpiece. Women never lose at chess when it's played in real life. Even though the bloke she adored left her, she rose to the occasion and took the hit in the song instead of having to emotionally win with some feminine half-truth connected to it to ruin things for him. Sometimes you have to accept you can't just win someones love. It's really a song bout "grace". I'm still trying to learn from it, as won a game of chess to my wife during covid, but lost her and she made sure I was left on the chess board by myself. She has none apparently.

  3. Pennsylvania RR S2 6-8-6 Steam Turbine Locomotive says:

    i eat raw garlic and magnus is my best friend

  4. The Chess GOAT wants to do everything. I love it. The versatile Chess King

  5. Why is the game against Penguingm skipped??

    Just cut out a whole game apparently. Maybe two.

  6. 57:23 "The knight on c3 has moslty sort of 'cosmetic' strength. … doesn't actually do anything .

  7. Eh you don't have to suck up, it's fine 😅

  8. اريد ان العب ماك يا كارسن وحاغلبك ان شاء الله

  9. I don’t mind about your hair, keep it long, buzz cut it, don’t mind. But I do hope to learn chess techniques with you to hopefully win a bit more

  10. Am I the only one who thinks that Magnus got just a little bit too soft and tolerant? I like the guy when he was true to himself – just hacking the truth-womb from the shoulder and really not caring. To hell with all those Twitch snowflakes Magnus, just be yourself man.

  11. How does one go about starting an account and playing online with others? And does it cost money?!!

  12. I 1:17:30 dont know ery ting, but I feel black should take that final advancing pawn from white which will close down that entire corner and stop any check, worse comes to worse, black exch queens, then promotes and wins it out.. someone tell me factually if I am correct

  13. 1:18:20 dont know why black would have to move queen, no need to chevk white king, black king owns that corner 6 squares. White pushes g7, blk pawn takes, white queen may check but able to quickly snug out of harms way in 1 move, then queen exh if another, then march queenside pawn to queen, completely winning or least draw, not a loss, but son is tired.

  14. Thank You Magnus. Best greetings from Russia. I guess you are the most pleasant player in the world nontheless the strongest. You inspire me and my sons to play and enjoy chess😊

  15. 23:09 😂 "Now I look like a genius," said the greatest chess genius of all time.😆

  16. Why chess is sooo easy and smooth with this guy. Who is this guy 🤣🤣.

  17. At 1:11:20 he recalls that his position is similar to the one he played in a Norwegian championship in the penultimate round in 2006! Damn.

  18. I am new to chess but I can say that this guy is really good. He should start playing tournaments and get a ranking though

  19. 29:10 200 ELO game 😂😂
    That was truly a ridiculous game, so many swings. Magnus got lucky lol

  20. Magnus gets so emotional some times for such a brilliant mind lol. He doesn't care about his hair. He doesn't care chat.

  21. Love how he doesn’t take these things serious. He probably could win 9/10 times using his prep and all but this is much more entertaining ❤️

  22. 19:08 after 42.Be3 there was a mate in 1 Nxg3# instead Rd1

  23. The mic isn't too loud but the room is empty as if you don't live there. Maybe you should at least get some echo absorbers?

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