Magnus Carlsen PLAYS “h4” for the FIRST MOVE Against GRANDMASTER Jobava in Blitz Game


  1. 9th im early i love chess but anyone got some tips to improve pls? I'm stuck at 1200

  2. Let NO excite you.

    When the world tells you no and rejects you and what you're trying to do, let that fuel you to come back and hit it harder. Don't fold under the pressure, use it to make you tougher. Most people will fold. But when you're the odd one out who stands up in adversity and pushes further, you get to experience things in life all those others who give up will never experience.

    Go see how far you can push your limits.

  3. As a low intermediate player, it’s wild to see 0 mistakes and 0 blunders in a 50+ move blitz game. Fun stream!

  4. Hey MC, any change you could scrape together $7.99 for your one haircut of 2023… You be looking like a cartoon character….

  5. Magnus is a very impressive dude…mad respect. Mad respect!!!!! He's real.

  6. I could watch Magnus playing and commentating as he plays all day!

  7. My brain can't even comprehend how he can predict more than 10 moves of his opponent

  8. Weird, I tried searching for Magnus' channel many times and couldn't find it. Then suddenly it pops up in my recommended.

  9. Hey Magnus, I just went and found you on Twitch and watched the most recent recorded video…. I hope you keep your stream exactly the same as it is man. Don't let the some of the comments change and ruin your stream like happened to loads of others. Your stream was great to watch all the way through.

  10. Hi! I'm not sure who runs this channel, but large chunks of Magnus' Twitch stream from earlier today have been muted due to the music playing. Is there a possibility the VOD of the stream can be uploaded here?

  11. Question for Magnus: now that you lost the speed chess championship to Hikaru, are we now going to finally get to see you play Hikaru more often so you can earn back the unofficial title of best speed chess player in the world? Sorry to word that like a criticism, but I think I can speak for all chess fans and say that you and Hikaru going at it would be the best thing to happen to chess in quite a while.

  12. I am really wishing and hoping that part of Magnus's 1 year hiatus from OTT chess is to leverage his influence in an all new chapter of high integrity OTT chess. The Magnus/Hikaru rivalry is a perfect catalyst!

  13. Magnus will lose his classical title this year. But he could do an ''Ali'' and just regain it.

  14. You read my mind with that opening. I wanted to see you do some weird opening and you did…thanks

  15. I'm absolutely rubbish at chess, only started playing recently since i was a kid but between him and Hikaru really made me get back into it, they really just reignite the flame i had for it. Just amazing to watch.

  16. Okay, so when Magnus plays 1. H4, he is trolling his opponents. And when I play 1. H4, I am an idiot.

    Note: I'm just joking, don't take it seriously😄

  17. Interesting, but not teachable comments by Magnus.

  18. can you play with me (i am beginner) if you could let me know thanks for reading by the way,

  19. I'm 12 years old and started learning at like 6-7 years old and I'm pretty good

  20. And if you are not too busy with other GM's

  21. As the absolute God of Chess, I Mittens, challenge you Magnus Carlsen to a 1 Vs 1 game, Meow 😼 Hehehe.

  22. 1:50 *pls anyone explain this to me , how he killed his own knight*?

  23. haha Nice MagNus Carlsen you have inspired me to play chess and i love your vids. Awesome Stream Magnus

  24. Could somebody please explain to me what happened at 3:27 ? I’m new to chess and that confused me haha

  25. Очень красивая жертва качества , причем молниеносно !

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