Magnus Carlsen is LATE But He BEATS Grandmaster w/ONLY 30 SECONDS (FULL GAME)


  1. Anyone else think this is just rude and a little disrespectful?

  2. I'm sure the opponent was all excited to be getting a free win. Until magnus walks in and there's still at least .1 seconds on the clock.

  3. Magnus in effect gave this average GM pawn and 3 minutes.

  4. O cara gastou muita tempo na abertura para fazer lances naturais da posição, é blitz ele tinha uma vantagem de tempo que jogou fora.
    Ou ele quis ser um cavaleiro e igualar no tempo

  5. can anyone explain to me how did he lose? im fairly new to chess and don't really understand how such games end. thanks!

  6. His titles and videos have changed, unless if he hired somebody to help him with this channel then he really is looking to branch out of his turtle shell. Too bad the video was shoddy and it seemed like the camera might have had external problems.

  7. Imagine being so good you purposely play with 30 seconds + increment for content for your channel XD

  8. The opponent already waited 6 minutes for magnus to show up, magnus didn't show up until 8 minutes after everyone else started playing, and after 6 mins the arbiter made him start the clock. He then spent ages on his first few moves to even out the clocks

  9. There has to be a category above grand masters. Getting recked in 30 sec is an insult to title

  10. His opponent was being way too respectful, he should've taken the time advantage

  11. somebody correct me if I am wrong but he didnt win he just drawed. because they would have played a cat a mouse game for ever.

  12. Respect to Kovolev for helping even the time out to give Magnus more time. Great sportsmanship

  13. The match highlights difference between a 2500 and a 14 years >2800 veteran.

  14. Does Magnus approve these videos titles / thumbnails? His opponent waited 6min, started the clock only because the arbiter made him, and still clearly let his clock bleed in his first few moves as a display of sportmanship that shouldn't even be expected from him. Instead of recognizing all that, Magnus' own channel frames it as an humiliating victory.. I like Magnus but I think he should be more thoughtful of the content that is uploaded on his own channel.

  15. At 4:23 there’s Ba3 that wins a pawn and probably the game! Amazing

  16. Mags opponent is like taking so long to make a move bro

  17. Sound????? Watching clips without sound is ….

  18. Thanks for putting the board overhead so we can follow it better

  19. He was waiting that he dosn't come. Its pity my friend

  20. Your editing is portraying Kovalev (the opponent shown here) in a bad light. An arbiter started the clock, not him. Kovalev hesitated to start the clock until an arbiter did it himself. Magnus was out skiing and was caught in traffic, which is why he was late. This wasn’t intentional towards either opponent, just unfortunate circumstances. No intentional disrespect from either side.

  21. Magnus was just berserking cause he wanted those extra points

  22. New to chess. Can someone explain how he won?

  23. He could have won if he started the clock earlier

  24. Got this video recommend and watched till the end. But as stupid as I am – how many moves would have been left until Carlsen would have actually played to check mate?

  25. This man pulled up in PJs and said “let me get this money real quick” 😂😂😂😂

  26. I don’t understand why you would bleed your clock and give up your advantage. People saying “ah such a gentleman, he’s so nice”… etc. It’s just foolish and weak. You wanna be nice or you wanna beat the world champ? Be ruthless.

  27. Could you explain to me like I'm five how he won? At the end there's still enough time for both players and it's not a checkmate move. Did Kobalev just give up? Thanks.

  28. How did he win? If the game had conitnued, he probably would have lost "on time"

  29. Qué técnica para el final.gracias Magnus.Saludos.

  30. Why he pulling up to a tournament like he bouta buy something from the gas station.

  31. He already knew he messed up when he sees Magnus running and making quick moves

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