Magnus Carlsen is 2 mins late again! | Carlsen vs Petrosian | World Rapid 2023

Magnus Carlsen comes 2 minutes late to a 15-minute rapid game! Isn’t that insane! And then he sits down, adjusts his pieces and pushes his pawn to e4. Who is his opponent? The strong Armenian GM Tigran Petrosian! The battle is very exciting and there are some amazing strategies employed by both players. IM Sagar Shah’s commentary will explain all the intricacies.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. next year, the trend title would be: Amazing, Magnus came ontime!!

  2. Did Magnus think "oh no, I'm late" or did he think "'I'll let him wait 2 minutes, that's long enough to soften him up"?

  3. That is why he is always late for a game and not just against this gentleman but against top elite GM too. He just knows his stuff very well. Cagnus Marlsen to win the Fide Rapid and Blitz this year as well

  4. The unhurried routine after coming to the board late is the power move that assaults the opponents mental stability.

  5. I bet Kramnik finds Carlsen's tardiness interesting.

  6. He just played for 5-6min and it was done, the OG Magnus🫅

  7. Great commentary! You are way better than the official commentators at the tournament!

  8. the last version of AG's "I am on Wildr" cracks me everytime

  9. how come dead player alive again & play against carlsen?

  10. Sagar's Commentary and Magnus is a great duo
    The GOAT Magnus ❤❤

  11. He IS Late because he using his extra minutes to prepare on his opponents on his computer when only he had alowed use the computer betwen matches so why not take this advantage

  12. "M"agnus "C"arlsen. Only ogs know this reference

  13. Dear Sagar & Team,

    It is 'समरकंद' & not 'समरकंड'.

    Trust & Hope that you will correct yourself ! 🙂

  14. Come late 2 min but after playing a little bit, Magnus has 8 mins more than his opponents and also winning. The GOAT!!!

  15. Plot twist : Magnus wanted to play Blitz

  16. Slap yourself as an opponent of magnus before any game against him first and then play.

  17. Its actually very disrespectful and I'm sure he knows he's late. The opposition are clearly unnerved by this.

  18. Magnus is going to be exactly 2 minutes late for his own funeral

  19. Are Petrosian and So going to play against each other?

  20. This is not good. I think he intimidating
    his opponent and disgraceful. You Have
    To respect your opponent.

  21. When Magnus is late means it's already decided what gonna happen.😂


  23. I see Tigran, but where is "w"esley "s"o? Maybe he is enjoying some fish soup?

  24. The pipi in your pampers guy…..? Why is he allowed to participate in chess events anyway?

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