Magnus Carlsen goes 36% berserk | Blitz Chess Titled Arena, March 2020

This is a 3-hour blitz chess tournament (Lichess Titled Arena March 2020) I provided commentary on. After a couple games into the arena, I begin following the games of World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, who went berserk in 36% of his games. When a player chooses to “berserk”, the initial time is halved and should you win, you gain an additional tournament point. This Lichess Titled Arena was the first of its kind with a blitz 3|0 format. I streamed this event at Lichess Titled Arena March 2020 is held for titled chess players only, namely Grandmasters, International Masters, FIDE Masters, National Masters etc… Magnus Carlsen played under the account “DrNykterstein” for this event. Its $1,000 prize pool goes to the top 5 players, with 1st – $500, 2nd – $250, 3rd – $125, 4th – $75, and 5th – $50. This tournament began on March 21st, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST.

Image of Magnus Carlsen in thumbnail courtesy of Niki Riga

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  1. Was waiting for someone to post this!

  2. omg u finally posted a video…. i was worried i even thought u were dead or somthing 😀 … thnx for the video .

  3. How old are you, Jerry? And do you ever compete in FIDE tournaments?

  4. Who came here as soon you saw the video by jerry.

  5. The board comes alive with your descriptions. Love it, Jerry. You're the best.

  6. This will be fun then be bored inside your house

  7. Finally something good to watch in this lockdown…

  8. His ancestors would be ashamed. No real viking only goes 36% berserk.

  9. What happened to the Streamer's Tournaments? Been waiting to watch that one for a while….

    BTW, Jerry, why did you PRIVATE Carlsen's 1st Lichess tournament? I was wanting to watch that one this morning.

  10. JseMartinez is still probably José Martinez instead of JS Martinez. you should check that. great commentary as usual. love it

  11. I am impressed how fast you find all these tactics

  12. another blitz titled arena with Carlsen – what a treat!

  13. I absolutely love these videos and your commentary!
    Thanks Jerry!

  14. I love this magnus carlsen commentating series!

  15. 0:02
    every person with some minor disease in their hospitalbed now

  16. Yes! So glad you covered this, no other way to watch this tournament.

  17. Please Jerry if possible to cover the candidates tournment. There are lots of amazing games going on.

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