Magnus Carlsen Full Berserker!! | Blitz Titled Arena Lichess | July 1 2023 |

Magnus Carlsen ( DrNykterstein )
Blitz titled Arena Lichess 3+0

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  1. 47:58 – why did Magnus resign? After white queen to b3, I see no losing line.

  2. Videos with standings make it more interesting, thanks

  3. Did he already change into online chess?

  4. Thank you, you are on a roll with these uploads!

  5. Algo pasa con lichess y Magnus. El promedio de averaje de sys oponentes fue muy inferior a los primeros 5 lugares

  6. El segundo y tercer lugar el averaje de sys oponentes muy superior a los dr Magnus

  7. Settings / Playback speed / 0.25
    Thank me later

  8. what a strong tournament by MC.
    In the beginning he wasnt so focussed, than he showed his strength

  9. Magnus can say that others cheat and the rest of us can't say that their matches are rigged?

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