Magnus Carlsen Arrives With Only 30 Seconds To Play

What else can we say here? Magnus is going to Magnus.

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  1. I dont really get the point of starting a match with no one there

  2. Arriving late reminds me of the story of one of Musashi's duels.

  3. Why did the white dude conceded with that position?

  4. I also appreciate how everyone else is all buttoned up clean cut prim and proper and magnus comes barreling in in a hoodie and sparkly sweats. You can dress however you like when you’re world champ

  5. To the end it seems to be more like Starcraft 😂

  6. “2000 years later” i think you meant 2 seconds later lmao

  7. It's possible to simply not make the first move while waiting right? I've seen this happen before so if Naroditsky really wanted fair play he wouldn't have made the 1st move

  8. Why is a3 a mistake? It's the top engine move 🤔

  9. Magnus jogs like a true chess world champion

  10. The Magnus just wanted to finish him with brutality😂

  11. can some1 explain why did Naroditsky resign?

  12. Hats off to the commentator, dude was vonstantly talking – even while he was just waiting for Magnus and nothing was happening

  13. It was the adjustments for me 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ I believe that guy was being nice with taking his time to move though

  14. Man, the commentator is so good I could listen to this on a radio! Aaand Gooooooool!

  15. Magnus is the guy who comes late on his wedding day but still married at the end.

  16. At 4:52 opponent perform casling but few second before he got check through black than how this possible

  17. Play this commentary at my funeral about showing up late lol

  18. Tbh when someone comes late to magnus its disrespectful but idk why he does it all the time

  19. Magnus being disrespectful and arriving late, yet again. It’s ridiculous at this point.

  20. I hope Naroditsky takes over magnus magnus is becoming a bit of a train wreck now. Not in his work just the way he acts

  21. I have no respect for people who use psychological tactics outside of the actual competition. Show up, and play fair, don't worm your way inside peoples' heads pre-game. Poor sportsmanship.

  22. I'm impressed that the announcer can make anything exciting, even nothing happening.

  23. Castling is so weak. If you're that good, win without relying on it.

  24. He's honestly the worst character to be a grand master. Arrogant cock, rude and very disrespectful. When he loses he blames organisers, clothing of opponents, noise levels. He's an awful person.

  25. Не выиграть за 30 секунд.Поэтому всё условно.После каждого хода к 30сек. Добавляется 1-2 сек.

  26. Time increment gets added to your current time to compensate for a probable delay (for humans is the reaction time and for servers may compensate for latency etc.). If you are fast enough to play your move before the increment ends, the extra time gets added to your current time thus augmenting your remaining time.

  27. Comprend pas pourquoi c'edt echef et math a la fin

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