Magnus Carlsen arrives at the Opening Ceremony of World Rapid and Blitz 2023

Magnus Carlsen arrives at the opening ceremony of the World Rapid and Blitz 2023!

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  1. Brooo i cant stand it of what they did to our women's world champion.. feel bad for her. Luckily she's so humble and sweet😁

  2. I think Ju wenjun was quite amused and annoyed at the same time!
    It was really funny how the women's world champion is ignored and most importantly her chair was occupied for quite a real good amount of time!

  3. They should at least take their pictures with both Magn00se (shout out to Peter Leko) and Ju Wenjun…. not just yeeet her out of her seat.

  4. That's disrespectful to Ju, if I was there I would gave wanted my picture with both of them together

  5. Magnus Ju wenhun is here. "I literally don´t care"

  6. Ju is so polite that she gave her seat to fans

  7. stop this wildr add in every video, so irritating…

  8. Why are they disrespecting ju wenjun like that😢

  9. Someone should teach the goat some good manners.

  10. there must've been a better moment for fans to photoshoot with magnus, it looks really uncomfortable tbh

  11. magnus has to sit and pose like the price of whales.

  12. The disrespect towards Ju wenjun was shocking!

  13. The champion Ju Wenjun sat, but has to stand up because FIDE wanted a photo of Magnus with somebody.

    Ju Wenjun then made an attempt to sit.

    Alas, another photo with Magnus.
    Ju Wenjun made a 2nd attempt, but in vain.
    Then another photo.

    And another.

    Thankfully, the video ended.

    I reckon Ju Wenjun still waits to sit down.

    Mr Bean couldn't have done it better.

  14. Man Magnus look irritated or something …………..also he was arrogant in the press conference
    Lots of love for Magnus from INDIA

  15. Magnus has such an interesting personality lol. He’s a male coquette.

  16. Seems unprofessional by the organizers to allow fans to take pictures with Magnus like this, they should wait until after the ceremony to do these things, its disrespectful to Ju and annoying for Magnus I'm sure.

  17. The person at the left side of Magnus should have ceded his seat to the fans that wanted a picture with Magnus. Instead, he continued seated while Ju Wenjun had to stay standing for a while. Not a gentlemanlike attitude of that man whoever he was.

  18. Magnus walks so weird 😂. I guess with chess brilliance comes quirks lol.

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