Magnus Carlsen arrives 2.30 mins late for a 3 minute game | World Blitz 2022

It was drama time at the first round of World Blitz 2022, Magnus Carlsen arrived 2 and a half minutes late for a minute game against GM Vladislav Kovalev. What happened next? Did Magnus win his game? Why was he late in the first place? Check out this video to find out.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus won the game, since Vladislav offered a handshake at 8:32, and this is a common way for chess players to resign – Vladislav probably resigned at that point because Magnus started to get a lot of control over the board, and could easily promote his pawns, and Vladislav was also under extreme time pressure on top of all that.

  2. This almost feels like a move from Miyamoto Musashi's book of 5 rings.

  3. Can anyone explain why the time never runs out?

  4. He should be banned for doing this bullishit thing every now and then. What is he doing at home? Does his shit come late,??

  5. the clock doesnt work, magnus gets 13 sec and the other guy gets 5

  6. Vladislav Kovalev is a true sportsman. He wanted to fight in fair terms. Respect.

  7. So if you’re fast enough at making a move you actually gain time?? Lol that’s broken

  8. А кто победил то

  9. Ich fühl mich wie ne katze die interstellar gesehn hat. Wer hat überhaupt gewonnen ?

  10. I hate the + games .. I feel like it’s cheating. You can’t earn time back in life. And chess = life.

  11. I just started watching chess comps, I was wondering why it was taking him so long to move at the beginning. That's very virtuous on his part

  12. Why does the clock keep giving them seconds back

  13. Bro this guy is a genious, he even calculated the time, to arrive at exactly 30 seconds

  14. I never like Magnus, this is just an example show how this guy is a dumbass chess player…

  15. Congrats to both players. They play at such a speed, this is impressive !

  16. It is quite clear that he is late on purpose and this means unconsciousness. He often behaves like this

  17. just noticed a player in the beginning of the video is sleeping ekdum mast kar ke


    Magnus could have showed up on time.

  19. Don't think he ran down the clock – he lost the time advantage, by overthinking and got outplayed in the end game. And why not run down the clock on move 2?

  20. 01:23 Carlsen wipes his hand AFTER shaking hands with his opponent lol

  21. Does Magnus always show up late? Lol every video I see he is running late

  22. ❤❤❤❤greattt🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊😊😊

  23. I love to watch chess, but I have no idea how to play it so I basically watch blindly and I am still amazed about every single move they make, even though I don't understand what is going on…

  24. He’s lucky he’s not playing jimmy hoffa

  25. Guys can anybody explain why do they keep the kings face to face at the end of the game.

  26. Is this where the phrase "It's up to you" might come from? (The turn indicator, I mean).

  27. Why does the clock ⏰️ not go down all the way it's like is was stuck on 35sec and 32 forever

  28. Never have liked Magnus, always seems to me like a disrespectful asshole. This just kinda just makes it more apparent.

  29. Are the clocks made in China??? Cause they sure are not working right. They add 2 seconds each time they are stopped and count up if the moves are too fast

  30. I’m always going to blame ass toys when it comes to chess upsets. Magnus was late because of ass toys

  31. 3:31 I like how he makes a move then adjusts is pieces and then hits the clock 😂

  32. I think I heard a Chinese player or judge say “I think this is violation” in Chinese around 7:30 yeah it’s before that

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