Magnus and Hikaru were both on 13 points and then this game vs Sarana decided it | World Blitz 2022

The World Blitz Championships 2022 was a 2-horse race between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura. They were neck to neck until round 17, when both of them were on 13 points. The round that made Carlsen the favourite to win was this one – the 18th round. What happened? Check out this battle between Alexey Sarana and Hikaru Nakamura.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. great defense by sarana world class player

  2. If I had a penny for every time the position repeated then I would become a millionaire

  3. very impressive how Sarana still managed to win this in so bad time trouble

  4. Sarana ripped nakamura material down good. solid game boys

  5. How Hikaru had got to that much bad situation? What move was going wrong? Can any one explain it?

  6. Naka is next idiot unfairplay,not fix pieces after loss

  7. 11:21 the moment Hikaru peek at the clock and realizes he can no longer flag down his opponent after his dream stalemate-queen-sacrifice didn't materialize.

  8. Nakamura risk too many pawns in that endgame.

  9. If Hikaru had played a better game, he could have won. That's just my observation.

  10. the average chess fan doesn't know how much other chess professionals dislike Hikaru. Hikaru's personality development is retarded, to put it mildly.

  11. Oh my days hikaru missed the win, if he went qc4+, kg1, then qg8+ that wouldve led to a queen capture

  12. The way how Nakamura shakes hand at the end looked disgusting

  13. Next move is checkmate, right? I am bad at chess

  14. Why chess players readjusting their pieces to make them look pretty even if they know that they will change their positions very soon

  15. someone knows what did Hikaru told him at the end ?

  16. Hikaru didn't protect his pawns so the end game became 4v2 pawns

  17. Why the hell didn’t he violently start nodding his head after he played K-H6??????? That would have been so funny!!!! Give naka taste of his own medicine

  18. 8:56 the moment where Hikaru missed Qc4+ Kg1 Qg8+ winning the queen, the game, and probably the title…

  19. These chess handshakes are really TERRIBLE!!! Shaking opponent´s hand and looking somewhere away? Hikaru, Hikaru….

  20. Hikaru Salty because his prime is already in decline

  21. Karma is beautiful for Count Drawcula! 😎

  22. But it is nice that they both sit reasonably still and do not nervously touch something such as a piece.

  23. i sometimes wish someone would randomly throw a dog onto one of those boards as they're playing

  24. Hikaru forgot to resign again. Playing the clock as he always does

  25. Hikaru really is a dick lol. Doesn’t help set up the board and comes across as so arrogant. Such a bell end 😂

  26. Couldn't even win the only time format he's good at

  27. Hikaru attacked but lost out to good defence…

  28. Can anyone get what did they say after the game

  29. 11:13 Kg3 was winning I guess. Forces queen trade if not mate in 1 threatened

  30. a lot of backseat grandmasters in the comments

  31. Sarana beat Carlsen and Nakamura. What a giant killer…

  32. 11:41 – what was that at the end? they semed to be having a discussion about something? anyone?

  33. It's pathetic not to look a man in the eye when you shake hands, regardless of the outcome.

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