LONDON SYSTEM!! Volodar Murzin vs Ian Nepomniachtchi World Blitz Chess 2023 R13

The FIDE World Rapid Championship is a 13-round Swiss tournament taking place from 26–28 December 2023 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The top prize is $60,000 Players receive 15 minutes for the entire game, plus a 10-second increment starting from move one.
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  1. Конь на краю позор на голову твою, но в конце партии сыграл хорошо

  2. У непо сатанинские надписи какие-то на руках

  3. Непо, фантазии 0… после Крж3? даже д4 интересный ход на победу, без счета и компа, читается в 1 секунду!

  4. At 8:40, Nepo has a really nice winning move d4! If the rook moves or the king captures the hanging knight, you play d3 and promotion is unstoppable.

  5. What Murzin offered to Nepo with his hand? Resignation or Draw?

  6. white should have played Nb6 early and took black's bishop off.

  7. Seen better moves on both sides, crazy that they are GM’s.

  8. Nice game, london is cool, but opening white was very interesting.

  9. Can anybody explains why this is a draw? It seemed like it was very obvious to them but I do not see it at all.

  10. It's draw Because Nepo is original Russian Siberian Tigers 🐅 but Tigers calculation never missed

    But Genious Nepo gave up his match to a 🐈

    Nepo is really awesome because already knew how to loose against Ding Liren because world will curse him because of Magnus Carlson left threatened by Russian Putin Sir to drop nuclear bomb on Norway 🇳🇴

    Otherwise Carlson is a great

  11. Because Nepo is a Lion 🦁 so he doesn't want to prove his strength against a deer.

    Nepo is really awesome

  12. Смотрит куда то в сторону, неадекватно смотриться

  13. Murzin looks like he's going to be the next Russian superstar.

  14. Bahh that's the reason that Nepo it's the perpetual second, prefer a stalemates with a wining position, also he had a wining position with Carlsen in this same tournament and also did a stalemates

  15. у яна подсказка на правой руке, в виде татухи!)))

  16. Володар красавчик, от девок наверное отбоя нет

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