LIVE Blitz Chess Commentary #240: Sicilian Defense – Canal-Sokolsky Attack


This is a blitz chess game I played against a random opponent who was selected from the ChessNetwork Cafe on ChessCube. The game was livestreamed at . Time controls are set at 5 minutes per player.

Opening: Sicilian Defense – Canal-Sokolsky Attack


  1. Sicilian is evil. I'm looking forward to this.

  2. i like chess and like hearing your thought process
    awesome vids

  3. Always look forward to your videos. Thanks!

  4. glad to see you making vids more frequently since the break 🙂

  5. at 7:57 why is knight to a5 after rook to a8 a threat?

  6. LIVE Blitz Chess Commentary #240: Sicilian Defense – Canal-Sokolsky Attack

  7. the knight would be threatening the queen which forces the queen off the white diagonal, defending the rooks, so black queen moves, black is then down a rook

  8. It chases the queen away from the defence of a8, winning a rook

  9. I think it's because knight to a5 attacks the queen, and forces it to move which means Jerry would go down a rook after rook at a7xa8 rf8xa8 ra6xa8.. if the knight move is not played the queen would be able to take the last rook and the exchange is even with Jerry's queen on an open file.

  10. what i've learn from Jerry: move and then think

  11. 4:25 What about rerouting the knight on f6 via e8-c7-e6-d4. On f6 it has little perspective, since b2 is weak, white cannot respond with Nd5 directly after Ne8 and the queen can stay on the white square d7, nicely complementing the bishop on the dark squares.

  12. "When in doubt, push your H pawn." ~Jerry
    I think Jerry has an entire collection of chess quotes made by himself. =P

  13. why dont u play with stronger player. chesscube 1900 is 1600

  14. The people demand more tournaments! 😀 Pretty please with sugar on top….!

  15. Queen has a post at b7 to support …d5 too. I think

  16. Larsen said "when in doubt, push a rook pawn".

  17. so .. should we start to collect them all for a "Hilarious-Chess-Quotes"-book? =D

  18. Gain space, increase tactical chances, minimal risk, force defense to react. Try it sometime

  19. I believe the g1 square is currently occupied by the white king at that moment. After looking again I don't think there is a square the queen could move to that would still allow the recapture on a8.

  20. which side r u looking at the board from?

  21. He had you Jerry and then stressed out with the prize on the line

  22. The white side. AFAIK, square notation is always referenced from white's side of the board.

  23. How much better a game would be for us if there was not this time limits that take away the best part ..When was last time we saw a nice mate ?? A nice end game ? Almost never… Always down on time… This player was good… He could offer us a great end game. Same comment for these bullit zone games.. They are no lesson… When you have no time to explain anything and we have not time to pause and think for each move what is the use…? Better offer a good game than win.

  24. Beautifully put Nasos.
    I couldn't agree more with you.
    Black was playing brilliantly, but the clock caught him off guard

  25. What a terrible game. Easy win or at least a draw for white early in the game.

  26. he played h3 because he wanted to move his bishop to e3, didn't want the knight coming to g5 forcing it to immediately move somewhere else.

  27. 4:56, only jerry can do a move, and only after that think what is the reason.

  28. 3:00 h3 is good here, the position is quite even so far you've played the opening pretty much perfectly, I prefer e6 over Nf6 but Nf6 is also good choice of course….just preference choice since we both choose different moves because of different way's of trying to win….I like the scrape the advantage until the end, while you just go straight in lol.

    4:20 I thought Ne8 but I am not sure, so far the position looks quite dead even.

    5:57 I am not sure why white did not play Nb5 but his move is also good….mine just seem'd a little better.

    6:25 a5 seems like nice move here for white but his exchange of Knights were fine but again my move was a tad better…still white is ever so slightly better but it is still a draw-ish game

    9:23 white is just losing here, completely at a loss.

    Well overall the game was pretty dead even, I think you played a tad better then white but both of you could have played a little better such as 8:18 the h5 move was nonsense you completely missed Nxb6, Ra8 by you was fine that would have made the game pretty much a draw….but this is blitz game so I don't expect more then a simple straight forward semi-clean game.

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