LIVE Blitz Chess: ” Bullet Brawls” – Part 2!

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Back again for all those “thrill-seeking” chess junkies out there! IM Rensch takes on a formidable opponent in three consecutive games… How does he fare? Watch and find out!


  1. oh man that second game queen side attack was just evil

  2. you should play chess network that would be interesting. Loving the bullet brawl vids btw so keep them coming ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I felt I learned more through this then anothers

  4. another great video and even better commentary.

  5. dude love the bullet brawl + commentary. Helps me understand the mind of a master while they play hahah your pretty funny 2 dude. "chalkalinalashamba or whatever you said at 4:33 hahah

  6. chakalino la shlamba hahaha i love this guy ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I'm watching this just for your commentary alone. Keep it up ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. What about sportsmanship and fair play? You are obviously the stronger player with a 300 point advantage. Yet the first game, you even called it a draw and still continued to win on time. That's not a win! You proved, at best, your lag is less than your opponent's lag. Also, you were losing your rook. Your opponent was going to be up on material. Just because it was a bullet game does not mean that fair play should go out the window. Resigning a lost game or offering a draw shows sportsmanship.

  9. Also, before all the haters come out to type, good video. It is very informative.

  10. Just take it for the fun haters! This is so cool! Enjoy!

  11. I feel that that is a great way to learn the game better, saying outloud to yourself possibilities. That's practically what he's doing, and most likely has been doing for years.

  12. definitely can't away with parham type shit in bullet if you are playing an IM who likes bullet and is in the zone. probably only about up to 2000 fide or so. it will be fine if you are playing someone at or below your level though. especially under certain unusual circumstances/conditions. although sammour does employ the double rook pawn advance "opening" in bullet with a good amount of success against strong opposition.

  13. holy fuck. I read "live bitches"
    damn my mind.

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