Life is Unfair! | Kirill Alekseenko vs Magnus Carlsen | World Blitz 2021

When your opponent touches a piece and he realizes it’s a blunder, that’s great news for you. It means that you are going to win heavy material. This is exactly what happened with Magnus as he built up a winning position against Alekseenko and then a series of unbelievable things started to happen. Magnus, who is usually bulletproof in these situations, started to show his achilles heel. This game was played in the 18th round of the World Blitz 2021.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Только так справжни украинцы и перемогают😊 Слава украине…. А если серьезно. Рубить флаг – удел слабаков! Магнус – Художник шахмат! И то что какой-то чувачек. Не помню даже имени, срубил ему флаг…. Событие НЕОЧЁМ!😊

  2. You got the eval bar up there that's nice. If you use a darker color for the arrow when a move is played it would be appreciated. (The yellow arrows sometimes are difficult to find in the light background in a fast game)

  3. I didn't understand how three move repeat that's a draw 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Hi sagar, please advise me on how to prepare for a classical tournament

  5. The same thing happened to me yesterday, I was at rapid tournament, last round and I my opponent played King's Indian. I had a very good position through out the game, she blundered a piece and was in time pressure. 1 illegal move and she was out of the pressure. I was just winning but I lost and came 13th, if I had won, I would've secured the 4th place by 5.5 out 7 points. But lost I was heartbroken.

  6. Touch and move mistake, still he held magnus to a draw. great game

  7. 7:07 is the moment. Alekseenko touches a piece and he realizes it's a blunder but somehow managed to draw!

  8. Black let so huge advantage to slide away . 10:24 66…b3 was already bad and 68…b2 was disaster .

    How he could have won ? 66…Rc2 + 67.Kg3 e4. 68 h5 Nf1+ 69.Kf4 e3 !

    Black had 3 passers, 2 of them were connected, to rush with b-pawn was huge mistake. He had to be patient and to coordinate his pawn movements. Of course there was time trouble, they had to play using familiar patterns from their training and instincts rather than exact calculations, but Carlsen chose just wrong plan .

    Carlsen to waste -7 advantage as black does not happen every day. But somehow it does not make me feel better when I waste same advantage in tournament game .

  9. …Nf1+ Kf3 only move, Nd2+ and b1=Q Black wins

  10. Nobody gon talk abt how magnus just let the opponent get away with the touch move? Magnus could have called the orbiter abt the touch move. Respect.

  11. guys it is not a three time repitition. Magnus previously moved the b pawn. So, the position repeated 2 times

  12. Alekseenko believed in himself till the very end

  13. Some day, Magnus will punch his opponent in the face after such a loss.

  14. The next world champion.. Well done Kirill even though it was a draw

  15. I hope he forces someone to actually beat him for the title.

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