Life is Unfair! | Kirill Alekseenko vs Magnus Carlsen | World Blitz 2021

When your opponent touches a piece and he realizes it’s a blunder, that’s great news for you. It means that you are going to win heavy material. This is exactly what happened with Magnus as he built up a winning position against Alekseenko and then a series of unbelievable things started to happen. Magnus, who is usually bulletproof in these situations, started to show his achilles heel. This game was played in the 18th round of the World Blitz 2021.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Why he lost? I see still 6 sec on Carlsen's clock

  2. Could someone explain those moves at 3:20 ? Qd7, Qc2, Bb6, what's the point of those moves ?!

  3. تو شطرنج تا آخرین لحظه باید بازی کرد چون ممکنه یه دفه همه چیز تغییر کنه

  4. Does Magnus have any plans to use his incredible intellect on something other than chess? Maybe something like rockets to mars, or underground car tunnels, or something kinda useful.

  5. Some comments say that it is not a draw but after the h5 move of the pawn we have the first occurrence and the following sequence

    10:29/10:31 h5 (1st occurrence) Rc3
    10:35/10:42 Kh2 Rc2
    10:43/10:44 Kg3 (2nd occurrence) Rc3
    10:45/10:47 Kh2 Rc2
    the next move is not played but with white Kg3 there would be a 3rd occurrence and thus it is a draw.

    Because it goes so fast, it is a bit difficult to rewind and check what happened, but it is a clear draw.

  6. I don't understand the draw at th end. The positions on the board were only repeated second times. I thought it is a draw when position is repeated 3 times in a row?

  7. He fixed the other guys pawn because it wasn’t in the center of the square. Can’t imagine living with this guy…you moved the salt container…DEATH!

  8. the other player seems to be playing very well against Carlsen however he is not even seeing this both of them are playing for the win

  9. Someone who understands chess better than me, please explain me which achilles heel took him down.

  10. sponsored by mastercard? that’s a serious flex

  11. He must have taken bishop and game was over, but even Magnus mistakes

  12. Bibisara looks at the coming Magnus. She likes him very much

  13. What does happen in the end? Somebody explain pls?

  14. La camara deveria enfocar mas en el tablero de tal forma que se vea mejor la posicion

  15. How do they get time if they move faster it should just run out of time …

  16. Can someone explain why it was a draw? Was it because of repitition of the rook?

  17. why is that lady in black staring at magnus literally every video lol

  18. Obviously Kirill was cheating, right Magnus?

  19. I couldn’t actually understood what just happened, is it because magnus accidentally touches the king?

  20. Idk why when others start to look around and pretend they are not paying attention I just find it a little cringe lmao.

  21. I’m so new to chess, I don’t understand what happened.

  22. Can someone tell what happened at the end ?

  23. times out so it's a draw, still 8 seconds left but nothing can happen in 8 seconds in this position

  24. The last speed of the chess, i wonder how they calculate to play fasstt 😵

  25. Where's the timestamp where he touched the king

  26. Magnus is a great chess player but need to learn accepting draws and loses with ease and not get frustrated.

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