Kosteniuk – Tatiana Kosintseva Blitz Chess 2010

12th Women’s World Chess Champion and Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk loses this game against Tatiana Kosintseva, at the 2010 Women’s World Blitz Championship in Moscow, Russia.

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk aka ChessQueen
12th women’s world chess champion
FIDE women’s world cup winner 2021
Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion 2021

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Александра Костенюк

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  1. Обе отлично играли. Молодцы.

  2. I love watching end games when the players are under time pressure. That's where you really appreciate their talent, having to execute on the fly and trying not to blunder, constructing a winning scenario while trying not to blunder under time control.

  3. Yes the board and clock are connected to cables and the cables go to a computer that relays the moves and time on the clock live to internet to thousands of fans who are "watching" the games at the same time they are played. Nowadays there often is both live video feeds of the games being played and also live relay of the moves being played as they are played in a 2D board, often with computer analysis and/or live Grandmaster commentary. It's fun to watch chess matches live!

  4. Thank you a lot for the reply, but I had read the same answer in a previous comment, sorry, I should have known it was not the only one who would ask.

  5. Boy, that white bishop at the start does some serious retreating!

  6. Hey Chess Queen. Well done for being willing to show a loss. I thought you only posted your wins. Very interesting game. Thanks

  7. We always try to show the clock. In this tournament, since it was a world championship, there were very strict rules, and the arbiters did not allow static video cameras on the side where arbiters would have to be in case of problem.

  8. the game was already over there… very nice play with h4 Nh5 and f5 by black, all the sudden she found some initiative and forced her opponent mistakes

  9. Thank you Alexandra for sharing these amazing and constructive videos!
    What would you recommend to an amateur player in order to exceed the 2000 ELO points?

  10. I'm glad you like my videos!
    To improve at chess, at least to about 2200, you need to train in all areas of chess, especially endgames and tactics, and very good analysis of your own games. Try solving chess miniatures blindfold, that is a great training for the mind. You also need a great love of the game and the passion that will help you spend hours in reaching the level you set for yourself. Good luck!

  11. It was amazing game alexandra, thanks for share!

  12. the videos are very cute and super-exciting

  13. ChessQueen missed a nice win @8:48 instead of 43.Qxd7, she should have played 43.Qxd5! overloading the black queen with defending the rook on g8 and the Bishop on d7, while the Bishop on h4 is still hanging.

  14. Pretty ladies and chess–what more could one ask for?

  15. well this is not a beauty competission so you cant win them all

  16. aw… oh how i wish i can play chess with you too 🙂 ChessQueen

  17. if 43. Qxd5 then B-e6 with a strong attack. that's why she took the bishop.

  18. women bost borrow mens brain , they dont think

  19. Why do you always play the same openings?

  20. Hey Kosteniuk, have you ever played Hikaru Nakamura? Have you beaten him? Did you lose to him?

  21. I like the young lady fluttering her eyelids in the background! Is she a GM also? I enjoy watching your games because you put in a great amount of effort/concentration.

  22. I can always tell when the ChessQueen is in trouble because her little old leg bobs up and down! No disrespect, Alexandra, you are very talented.

  23. did any of you count the moves before there was a capture? haha what the hell?

  24. I love the fact that you are posting games that you lost in.
    Wish you all the best

  25. I enjoyed watching this game many tactics and an exciting endgame. Post more

  26. You haven't changed since than Alexandra

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