Kosteniuk – Gunina Blitz Chess 2010

12th Women’s World Chess Champion and Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk wins this game against Valentina Gunina, at the 2010 Women’s World Blitz Championship in Moscow, Russia.

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GM Alexandra Kosteniuk aka ChessQueen
12th women’s world chess champion
FIDE women’s world cup winner 2021
Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion 2021

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Александра Костенюк

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  1. Dang blonde is cute. Actually both are cute. I'm not a chess fan/player, I'm just randomly watching chess videos and I've seen several cute girls but all the guys look plain and don't make my junk wiggle. Are there any hot chess dudes??Yes I know this comment is juvenile. You can downvote me now

  2. Quality too poor, your opponent is hot.

  3. @TheConstipatedcamel set to 480p and it will look good

  4. I really admire how Valentina Gunina fought and battled all the way to the end against Alexandra!! I hate it when grandmasters just give up so quickly after they lose their queen or major pieces!!

  5. GREAT video. You and Natalia Zhukova are my two Favorite female players :). Hope Natalia gets the (regular) GM title soon . She deserves it :). Thanks !!

  6. @noxtradamentus to make sure that a move is made before the clock is pressed. the board has pressure sensors, so that it will be able to detect a move.

  7. @noxtradamentus to make sure that a move is made before the clock is pressed. the board has pressure sensors to detect a move.

  8. Why is that board plugged into VGA connector. Are the moves being displayed on a TV?

  9. @TheConstipatedcamel quality of the game or of the video ? 😛

    btw agreed on the second

  10. Welcome back Mrs. Kosteniuk! Wonderful endgame display.

  11. @TheConstipatedcamel Her opponent is a quiet young girl so if you aren't 18 years old or so search for an older woman=)

  12. @noxtradamentus because it is a special board that is conected to the computer,so every move is transfered to the monitor to people see it there and in the internet.

  13. @Phplover1 Sure it's possible to play ches much faster. However the goal is to play as high quality chess as possible given the little time you get in a blitz game.

  14. Unbelievable endgame. She was down three pieces. Excellent performance Mrs K

  15. @oncemarkonce Did you mean "smart chess players" ?

  16. @ChessQueen "Hot" could mean anything :).. btw, you're on my facebook's friend list..
    thanx for all the tips and tricks to play a better chess..

  17. @zachattack661 Mate, that is really nice move! 🙂

  18. @jeanjeudy Three pieces? Which one? She won because her opponent made a blunder and lose rook…

  19. wow kosteniuk you`re my muse. but grischuk is my overall idol 🙂

  20. Dang, that sucks cause I was voting for the blond the whole time. I hate it when people make bullshit sacrifices and then I start winning the endgame, and will give it back with a silly blunder.

  21. @ChessQueen omg you are the hottest, and smartest and strongest of them all miss Chess Queen!

  22. 10:40 is possible Nxe4 dxe4 Kxe4 white wins.

  23. @ChessQueen Hi Alexandra I notice your hands are held to your face to aid concentration – but do you think it is good sometimes to also "Step back" from the board? I think it was Alekhine who even used to get up and look at position from opponens point of view occasionally =) [perhaps not in blitz LOL, that'd be a bit chaotic…] I like your videos 🙂

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