Kosteniuk – Gunina Blitz Chess 2010

12th Women’s World Chess Champion and Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk wins this game against Valentina Gunina, at the 2010 Women’s World Blitz Championship in Moscow, Russia.

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GM Alexandra Kosteniuk aka ChessQueen
12th women’s world chess champion
FIDE women’s world cup winner 2021
Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion 2021

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  1. 4:54 Kosteniuk's hands are used to block out Valentina's powerful chess telepathy

  2. Apart from the 2 kings I had a pawn at the end, and I managed to take the opposition with my opponent's king which guaranteed that my pawn would make it to the last 8th row and would promote to a Queen. It's very easy to mate a lone king with a Queen, which is why my opponent resigned.

  3. It was the 2010 Women's World Chess Blitz Championship.

  4. it's easy to mate with pawn if you know a technique, and even if you don't you can change your pawn for queen so… it's basically a won game

  5. This blitz game was played at 3 minutes for the whole game per player plus 2 seconds increment time per each move played. That's the new FIDE time control for blitz games played at the world blitz championship. Adding a small increment to each move makes the games much better quality than they used to be with "old" chess clocks and a time control of 5 minutes per player per game.

  6. Is this game in any database. .. can you send a link so I can study this game

  7. Pretty much all my chess games are in the GigaKing database included in the chess software Chess King. This one is included there for sure, as well as over 1,300 of my other games played in official tournaments. GigaKing has over 5 million master games.

  8. Why is the clock connected with the board?

  9. It's an electronic board and clock that are connected together and go to a computer so that both the moves and the time can be shown in a java applet live on the Internet. There can be thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of people who are watching the games of important tournaments live on the Internet.

  10. you're making me discover women chess. Thank you for sharing your pieces of life
    How and when does one get to see you playing in 2013?

  11. I am playing and will play lots of chess tournaments in 2013, this month in Geneva, then possibly Belgrade, Washington, DC, Tashkent, Moscow, Beijing, and probably some more. All information about my tournaments is on my web site.

  12. Que videos desconocía que tuviera una cuenta en you tuve sr kosteniuk

  13. oh wow! Valentina what a pretty name, for a pretty girl!

  14. I've been to Mexico in 2006 and I liked it very much!

  15. If you Googled it you'd be able to find it out. In 2006 I played the Mexico Rapid Chess Invitational. I won 2 out of my 3 matches, against Mexican GM Gilberto Hernandez (2551 ELO) and against legendary GM Viktor Kortchnoi (2607 ELO) from Switzerland. I only lost one match against GM Sergei Karjakin of the Ukraine (ELO 2672), who eventually ended up winning the tournament, with 4 points.

  16. Gunina missed that Knight fork!? And she lost the rook. But then still a tricky endgame!
    Wasn't the king + pawn at the end drawn?

  17. The King + pawn at the end is an easy win and you will find it in every chess endgame book. The player with the extra pawn has to help the pawn become a queen by taking the opposition (standing in front of the opponent's king) then after the king moves advance to the other side and the pawn will queen for sure.

  18. Oh I see now. Thank you for the explanation!
    So it's when the kings would be reversed that the 'defender' can be in front of the pawn and drawn, i thought it was this. But the king was the wrong side!!
    Thank you so much, great videos! <3

  19. if instead of taking tha night,couldn't she just play e3 in the end?

  20. sorry for my stupid question maybe (i'm a begginer), but at the start you both move so fast, can you really see the opponent's moves? i mean, if for example, i do a stupid or wrong move, will you notice?

  21. at 10:40 insted of Ng4 i think Nxe4 is easier. anyway it's a winning position

  22. Alexandra, you are a great player and I'm a fan of yours! See all his matches on youtube, looking for inspiration for my playing. It's a shame that here in Brazil, chess is not much practiced. Congratulations, beautiful champion!

  23. white takes with the pawn and it will be the same type of pawn endgame as in the game.

  24. Yes but white was probably annoyed by the fact that neither Kxd5 nor Nxd5 would win. Then, in blitz, you're happy to play the first win you can find…

    This shows the dangers of completely winning positions… After the trade of rooks it feels like the game is over, white plays quickly a couple of natural looking moves which unfortunately do not mesh so well (Kd4 then Nf6; Nf6 immediately is easiest) and all of a sudden things do get a bit tricky…

  25. Why didn't she take the pawn on h5 immediately at 9:10

  26. @8:38 Rc4 would win on the spot!!!, only move is Rxc4 and after dxc4 you just have to advance the pawn; the knight is helpless.

  27. Indeed 44…Rc4 would have given black a big advantage. Remember it was a blitz game and it's never over before it's over.

  28. And @9:02 I can't understand why Gunina doesn't play Kxh5 and you can hold the draw….anyways, as you very well said, it is blitz and it was in time pressure; so nice win Alexandra! keep uploading this videos.

  29. Thanks for your comment. Remember in blitz the goal is to win, and so one does not tend to want to "hold a draw" or play "simple" moves. 50…Kxh5 is of course better but after 51. Rc6 white has easy play and my white knight can become a headache for black in time trouble. By playing 50…Rd2 black was hoping for a possible …e3 which would win f2, but that never happened.

  30. Maybe she didn't want to allow Nf5. After Kg5 first the N has to go to g8/f7.

  31. Girls that play chess……..so wonderful!
    I wish my gf would play chess with me : (

  32. 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 Bf5 4. Nf3 e6 5. Be2 Nd7 6. O-O Ne7 7. Nh4 Be4 8. Nd2
    c5 9. g3 Qb6 10. dxc5 Nxc5 11. Nxe4 dxe4 12. Be3 Nc6 13. c3 Qxb2 14. Bd4 Rd8
    15. Rb1 Qxa2 16. Bb5 Be7 17. Qg4 O-O 18. Bxc6 bxc6 19. Ra1 Qd5 20. Ng2 Nb3 21.
    Nf4 Qc4 22. Rxa7 Rfe8 23. Rxe7 Rxe7 24. Nh5 f5 25. exf6 Rf7 26. Nxg7 Kh8 27.
    Nxe6 Rg8 28. Qf5 Nxd4 29. cxd4 Qd5 30. Qxd5 cxd5 31. Nf4 Rd8 32. Rc1 Rxf6 33.
    Rc5 Rfd6 34. h4 Kg7 35. Rc7+ Kg8 36. Kg2 Re8 37. Rc5 Red8 38. h5 R8d7 39. Kh3
    Kg7 40. g4 Kf6

  33. 41. Kh4 h6 42. Ng6 Ra7 43. Ne5 Ra4 44. Nc6 Ra2 45. Kg3 Ra3+ 46.
    Kg2 Kg5 47. Ne5 Ra4 48. Nf7+ Kxg4 49. Nxd6 Rxd4 50. Nf7 Rd2 51. Nxh6+ Kg5 52.
    Nf7+ Kxh5 53. Kg3 Kg6 54. Ne5+ Kf5 55. Ng4 Ke6 56. Kf4 Kd6 57. Ra5 Rd3 58. Ne3
    Rd2 59. Ng4 Rd3 60. Ra6+ Kc5 61. Ne5 Rd2 62. Ke3 Rb2 63. Rc6+ Kb5 64. Rf6 Kc5
    65. Nd7+ Kc4 66. Rc6+ Kb3 67. Rb6+ Kc3 68. Rxb2 Kxb2 69. Kd4 Kc2 70. Nf6 Kd2
    71. Ng4 Ke2 72. Kxd5 Kf3 73. Ke5 Kxg4 74. Kxe4 Kg5 75. Ke5 Kg6 76. f4 Kg7 77.
    Ke6 Kf8 78. Kf6 Ke8 79. Kg7 Ke7 80. f5

  34. Why don't you show any sign of happiness ? I hate it. Not even a little smile.

  35. Amazing, 2 spicy ladies with manners playing chess, they didnt even mind cleaning up.

  36. especially the blonde one is a marvel… she could win so many times but she always found a way to change her position from a good one to an wtf one 😛

  37. lol black choose to make it a draw..after ruining her moments of victory then she gives away a rook for no reason at all… and then when she had one possibility to make a queen she said wtf I am making it a draw again feel safer that way 😛 hahahahahahaha and then she lost… hahahaha

  38. No doubt women with brains are far more beautiful;)

  39. I love the semi-slav defense. It is an extremely solid opening. I have been learning it. However, usually the lightsquared bishop is inside the pawn triangle and fianchettos after B5. Blacks king stayed in the center a long time. Very intense game. 

  40. nice game Alexandra… and nice video, thanks

  41. Dang blonde is cute. Actually both are cute. I'm not a chess fan/player, I'm just randomly watching chess videos and I've seen several cute girls but all the guys look plain and don't make my junk wiggle. Are there any hot chess dudes??

    Yes I know this comment is juvenile. You can downvote me now

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