Knightmare in the Endgame – Nihal Sarin v Mitrabha Guha | World Blitz 2023

For the first time ever, GM Nihal Sarin (2689) and GM Mitrabha Guha (2512) face each other in a rated game at World Blitz 2023 Round 4. Who will walk away with a full point?

Replay the game

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. How was this checkmate at the end? The black king could have moved to d7, d8 or f8 to get out of check. I am a chess newbee. Please can someone help to explain.

  2. Nihal is rated higher, so he would be expected to win. But still this was just too easy. Black played so many "back and forth" moves through out the game, right from the opening, where his rook went from a8 to b8 and then back, without any benefit. Later his fianchettoed bishop he brought out and then retreated back. If there is a zugzwang like position, we can understand, but here there was no such scenario. White was making further and further progress, while black was not doing anything.

  3. Belíssimo jogo, deve ter feito 99% de precisão!

  4. I missed nihal sarin's games, thank you Sagar sir

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