Kasparov’s lessons to 13 year Magnus Carlsen 👨‍🏫

A rare footage, where kasparov is coaching the 13 year old Magnus Carlsen and provide some important insights. enjoy

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Credit:- Arkham Noir
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  1. Kasparov is and will remain the best chees player alive. Anand is another great man, but Kasparov is just such a great person

  2. Great teacher and greatest disciple

  3. You know, in the past all we saw was after he got a draw out of the Great Garry; it just showed Garry walk off making him see cold. Media is so misleading…….

  4. Is actually Magnus that is giving lessons to Kasparov

  5. Bobby Fischer taught himself and took down the soviet chess machine😂.

  6. Win without the queen? Nah Magnus, the most complex, interesting and beautiful wins are with the queens on the board! Remember that!

  7. I was wondering, how did you get that footage ?

  8. To have a trainer the world's legend best chess master all times .

  9. Garry here was a force to be reckoned with still.

  10. Gary and Bobby are still the greatest humans to touch the board🎉🎉🎉Carlsen not very far behind

  11. Ehh with that teacher anyone can be the world champion 😂

  12. “The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner, but now I am the master.”

  13. Kasparov , the Number one of all times , Magnus the second …

  14. The chronology:

    1. Magnus made Kasparov draw before him,
    2. Kasparov relizes he has to step aside before the time that Magnus beat him is came,
    3. Haunted by his last opponent, Kasparove feels has to exemining Magnus, and;
    4. Kasparov resign from chess world.

  15. This scene was sort of Vettel – Schumacher relationship…

  16. Магнус только,что получил звание самого молодого гросса, он просто не понимал,в силу своего юного возраста, что не он должен голову наклонять , а этот старый еврей 😂
    Опять евреи всех наебали

  17. lessons?
    More like Kasparov asking the kid stuff 😂

  18. Garry ha ayudado a crear una bestia para el ajedrez

  19. That bow by Magnus was a class act, high quality of upbringing.

  20. The best player of the past meeting the best player of the future.

  21. Great selection of stills linked together to form a moving image

  22. Ya venía con el ajedrez en la sangre y por su fuera poco se encontró con el mejor profesor

  23. This is the first YT i have given a like. Wow Kasparov is nice

  24. Little did he know.. he would be the Hokage 😅

  25. You can hear Kasparov comment “Typical Shirov.” Look up Kasparov’s score against Shriov if you’re unfamiliar😂

  26. I hope that jew didnt do anything bad to him

  27. If you can create new heroes, you are a real legend

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