“It’s fine!” – gentleman Artemiev consoles Nakamura after the game | World Blitz 2022

Vladislav Artemiev is a complete gentleman. Check out how he speaks to Hikaru Nakamura after the game. They played each other in the 15th round of the World Blitz 2022. Check out this battle with intense time pressure for both sides.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Hold Hikaru would have pouted and possibly shed a tear. New and improved streaming Hikaru gives a solid bro-slap handshake and congratulates his opponent on a game well fought.

  2. Artemiev is a class act 👍🎯

  3. Men of honor like Artemiev make chess worthwhile.
    The same cannot be said for other players.
    In Spain it is said, "en la mesa y en el juego se conoce al caballero”. And Artemiev has shown it.
    Well done

  4. After watching hari vs nepo..this piece washed my eyes😍

  5. The top level players are so hard on themselves. I have no doubt Hikaru will be looking at the game to make sure of not making the same mistake(s) again.

  6. Artemiev be like "main to nahin hu insano me"😂

  7. Its not only “ it’s fine “
    Also with every handshake he seems trying to stand up as kind of respect.

    This kind of people didnt learn how to be humble and kind, its in their DNA! Much respect to Artimiev

  8. Sorriso da mina no final la motiva a gente continuar sempre evoluindo 😂😂😂

  9. Artemiev what and a player and a gentleman,if only they were all like him.

  10. The more i watch Artemiev the more I like him. True gentleman and great GM!

  11. i fell into this chess rabbithole and was rather excited to see distinguished folks being brilliantly professional but then ran into so many controversies and tantrums, finally found what i was expecting 😂(can somebody explain how black won, i thought it was a draw)

  12. Artemiev is part of the endangered species list. CLASSY BEAST…not many around

  13. i like artemiev, he is a very respectfull player. Not like others.

  14. Vlad what a game, Top chess player for sure!

  15. Artemiev and Nihal, always acting with such a class that's a lesson to majority of us.

  16. 3 seconds to play and still win is not normal!

  17. Artemiev does not appear to be faced by pressure.

  18. artemiev looks like a great guy that kind off person you should not see often

  19. Artemiev seems like a kind, gentle soul, that seems very rare these days.

  20. Superb one by artemiev. True gentleman.

  21. Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem kultury i skromności Artemieva. Absolutna klasa. Super gość.

  22. Artemiev has a small child at home so he's accustomed to this rolling on the ground behavior from Hikaru

  23. "l know it's fine, you won the game" 😂
    So sore. Not a champ

  24. Artemiev, a highly skilled and humble individual. Meanwhile, Nepo, the complete opposite. Always had the impression that Nepo was a chill dude, but not anymore.

  25. Artemiev is out to dethrone Magnus Carlsen (& will prob pull it off 1 day)

  26. I love Artemiev attitude……..!!! 😍😍😍

  27. We need more top class chess players with attitude like artemiev.

  28. Sagar bhai make interview artevimie soo humble person
    Good player

  29. Please get a virtual board on the screen. It's hard for me to follow game (I'm an amateur) without setting up a board myself

  30. he beat both carlsen , nakamura and still lost the tournament tough event.

  31. Artemeiv is such a class act. I’ve always liked him from when he was first coming up through the super GM ranks.

  32. After forcing the queen’s trade and Hikaru basically resigned, Artemiev in an act of chivalry offered a draw and put both kings on e4 and e5! He knew that Hikaru was fighting for the top spots. However, Hikaru very politely declined the offer, as he knew that objectively speaking with two pawns down he was lost against a player of the class of Artemiev. He said: « No it’s fine you won the game ». That is also very classy on Hikaru’s part. Many other GMs would have accepted the draw.
    Congrats to both player for their excellent spirit.

  33. I would like to shake hands with Artemiev one day lol

  34. Good player and gentleman this Artemiev !

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