“It’s Blitz!” says Hikaru Nakamura after his game against Nihal Sarin | World Blitz 2022

Two of the fastest players in the world of chess take on each other in the 4th round of World Blitz 2022 – Hikaru Nakamura and Nihal Sairn. Check out the game between these two speed monsters.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Hikaru had that same shirt on at the Tata steel you make enough money to change shirts hikaru come on

  2. He is drinking alot water just to end this game fast and go to WC!

  3. 0:55 I find double touching pieces very annoying. Cmon, It does not have to be perfectly in center of the square, that pawn was standing good enough on e4, 1 millimeter here or there does not matter

  4. Nihal drinks his water in an uncommon fashion 🙂

  5. Hikaru won't win. Always His shirt is the winner😅

  6. 12:22 Hikaru makes the Queen and Magnus walks of in disgust that the opponent didn’t resign on the spot and made Hikaru play like 6 more moves 😂

  7. How do you tell as a spectator if it is a resign or a draw when they shake hands

  8. me encanta ver jugar a nihal mi jugador favorito sin dudas

  9. Bhai ye game ke pehle Nihal pakka paani hi pi raha tha na? 😂

  10. I think nihal is the winner …can any one see in the middle of the game hikarun touches knight but he played rook…it missed by nihal ..at that time he stop the game and called arbiter..

  11. ayoo what did Nihal had in his bottle? was slurping it like it was pure lean in the beggining of the video.

  12. Amazing to have come back from that position

  13. Respect to both of them as Sarin playing with 5 sec all way long and Nakamura for always be kind and analysing the game with his opponent! Some other players should take exemple as well too many ridiculous incidents!

  14. Nihal drinking water or something else 🤔 🍸

  15. impressive from nakamura, making the most of sarin's nerves; even though they must have played many times online, otb more of an event

  16. What were they talking about after hikaru won??

  17. I hear everything they said, Nihal ask if Hikaru will stream that night , and he says that will be a speed run 😎 master hikaru

  18. Is it me, or is that cameraman way too close. I know it would distract me.

  19. The arbiter, Mr. Pahlevanzadeh, is the former president of the Iran chess federation.

  20. Takes takes takes and takes takes and bishop g5 yes yes yes thats it hahahahahaha

  21. how is he drinking? looks like a real fight to swallow the water xD

  22. naka touched his Knight but didn't move it. Illegal.

  23. It's he really enjoyed the water in that bottle, or that wasn't water !!

  24. Hikaru touch kight but he play rook , this is legal move

  25. What a great position Indian players have…if they do good…everyone praises…but if they perform awfully…nobody cares..
    Only upsides huh…

  26. I would love to see some Vodka drinking Chess 😂

  27. When it comes to blitz nothing helps except experience…….

  28. Take away the ambient noise and clicking of the timers and that place sounds like a Covid Specialist Ward…

  29. It’s amazing how these guys can make good moves even when under extreme time pressure.

  30. At 8:32 the knight is clearly touched, no mention of jadoube but then Nikamura plays a different piece.

  31. Nihal tava era tomando cachaça 🤣🤣🤣

  32. I don't know why you all trying to kiss this sleeping samurai's a$$ in your comments…Grabbing the knight & then playing another piece – is illegal, including in blitz. Same $hit he was trying to do in well-known game vs Aronyan, you can find it here on YT – grabbing his king, then playing another piece, so that Aronyan has had called for the arbiter, and the arbiter forced the sleeping samurai to play his king.

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